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January 02, 2020

Should You Hire a Lawyer When the Accident Isn’t Your Fault?

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Car Accident Lawyer

You were driving down the road listening to your favorite tunes when you saw the flashing lights behind you. You dutifully pulled to the side of the road and out of traffic to let the emergency vehicle pass, but as another truck two vehicles behind you pulled out of traffic, the driver hit a car that then smashed into your car hard enough to turn your vehicle sideways. The accident wasn’t your fault, but do you need to hire a lawyer? The answer may surprise you.

Pointing Fingers

Although your car was stopped at the time of the accident, the other party may have an attorney who tries to shift blame to you for the accident. That is why it is important to discuss the terms of your accident with a lawyer to find out if you need legal protection from liability. Once the finger pointing begins and mitigating circumstances are claimed, it is difficult to fight a legal case of blame for the accident all on your own.

Fixing Injuries

You may not feel your auto accident caused injuries at the time of the crash, and you may not experience some resulting aches and pains until a few days after your vehicle was hit. The auto accident injuries could include whiplash, a broken bone, a concussion, or a damaged disc that puts you down and out of work, or it could be something more serious that disables you for months. A car accident lawyer, like a car accident lawyer in Salt Lake City, UT, can help you navigate the legal system and get you back on your feet because they know how to deal with the insurance companies and opposing counsel.

Having Insurance

Sometimes the driver of the other car that hit your vehicle doesn’t have insurance, so how do you get your automobile repaired, who pays your medical bills, and what about the days you missed work? Your lawyer can answer these and many other questions about how insurance claims are handled with and without insurance from the other party.

These are only three of the many reasons you may want to consider contacting an attorney after a car accident occurs that wasn’t your fault. The legal system is a long, complicated, and frustrating process that deals with stacks of legal forms, too many meetings, and questioning judges. You can fight the battle on your own, but why bother when an attorney can make the process much less taxing and exasperating? Hire an attorney after an accident that wasn’t your fault and let him or her deal with the legal details.

Thanks to Rasmussen & Miner for their insight into the importance of hiring a lawyer when you are in a car accident. 

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