Social Security Disability Benefits Lawyer Milwaukee, WI

Social Security Disability Benefits Lawyer Milwaukee, WIIf you’re no longer able to work full-time due to a disabling medical condition, explore your options with an experienced Social Security disability benefits lawyer Milwaukee, WI residents trust. Not everyone is eligible to receive Social Security disability benefits. However, if our experienced legal team determines that you’re ineligible for these benefits during your consultation, we can provide you with personalized legal guidance concerning other benefits that you might be eligible for. Either way, our team is here to assist you with obtaining any and all benefits to which you may be entitled.

Social Security Disability – The Basics

Social Security disability benefits are made available to those who have worked enough time in occupations in which they paid Social Security taxes that they are eligible to receive these benefits in return. Essentially, American workers earn “credits” for each year worked in an occupation for which they paid Social Security taxes. Most of the time, workers can earn up to four credits for every year of eligible employment. Provided that you have earned 40 credits total (and at least half of these credits were earned in the 10 years immediately prior to filing for disability benefits), you should qualify for SSD. Note that if you’re a younger worker, there is likely no reason to panic. The system doesn’t require you to earn as many credits before you can qualify for these benefits.

To be considered adequately disabling, the medical condition that is preventing you from working full-time must either be expected to affect you in this way for at least one year, have already affected you for one year, or must be expected to eventually lead to your death. Before you can be approved for benefits, you’ll need to submit significant medical, taxation-related, and identifying documentation. Additionally, you’ll need to submit to interviews and prepare complex paperwork. Allowing our firm to assist you with your application will better ensure that nothing “falls through the cracks” and ultimately gives the Social Security Administration a reason to reject your application.

Legal Assistance Is Available

If you’re interested in applying for Social Security disability benefits, you’ll benefit from having the experienced Wisconsin legal team at Hickey & Turim SC by your side as you navigate the application process. By working with a Social Security disability lawyer Milwaukee, WI residents trust, you’ll improve your chances of having your application approved “the first time” you’ve submitted it. A staggering number of SSD applications are rejected initially. Avoid wasting time, money, resources, and stress on an initial application that is likely to be rejected. Connect with our firm, Hickey & Turim Milwaukee, WI Social Security disability benefits lawyer team to learn more about navigating the SSD application process as efficiently and effectively as possible; we look forward to speaking with you. 

Common Myths About Social Security Disability Benefits

If you have suffered a disability, you may be thinking about filing for Social Security disability benefits. However, you may have heard a lot of misinformation about these benefits. Here are some common myths about Social Security disability benefits that you should not believe:

  • Social Security disability benefits can cover short-term injuries. This is one of the biggest myths surrounding Social Security disability benefits. These benefits were created solely for long-term injuries. In order to qualify for Social Security disability benefits, your condition must cause you to miss 12 months or more of work.
  • If your doctor considers you disabled, you automatically qualify for benefits. Unfortunately, this is another myth. Even if your doctor determines that you are disabled, it does not guarantee that you will receive benefits. It is up to the Social Security Administration to decide if you qualify for benefits or not. In fact, many initial applications are rejected. If your application was rejected, a Social Security disability benefits lawyer in Milwaukee, WI can help you file an appeal.
  • Once your application is approved, you’ll have benefits forever. Just because you qualify for Social Security disability benefits right now, does not mean you will have them for the rest of your life. The Social Security Administration reviews cases from time to time to see if people are still eligible for benefits. For example, if your medical condition improves significantly, you may not be able to receive benefits anymore.
  • If your claim is denied, you will never receive benefits. The majority of disability claims are denied initially. However, even if your initial application was rejected, you still have the option to file an appeal. An experienced lawyer can help you determine why your first claim was denied and improve your chances of getting your second application approved. 
  • Mental health conditions aren’t eligible for benefits. Even if your condition is not physical, you can still qualify for Social Security disability benefits. The Social Security Administration has awarded benefits for a wide range of mental health conditions, including depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder.
  • You can’t work if you have Social Security disability benefits. If you are on disability, you might assume that you’re unable to work. However, you may still be able to work a part-time job if your earnings aren’t too high.