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Slip and Fall Lawyer Franklin, WI

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Slip and Fall Lawyer Franklin, WI Slip and Fall Lawyer Franklin, WI

As your slip and fall lawyer in Franklin, WI from Hickey & Turim, S.C. knows, slip and fall accidents can lead to serious injuries. And in some cases, the accident occurred because of recklessness or negligence by a property owner and/or staff. Failing to meet the safety obligation for visitors of a property may result in owner liability. Victims may be due compensation for their injuries and other losses, so if this situation is true for you or a loved one, then we suggest calling our law firm right away for help. 

There are numerous ways that a slip and fall accident can happen, such as:

Wet Floors

Property owners, on-site managers, and staff must ensure that spills from tracked in rain, broken merchandise, or other spills are attended to with a timely response. If a floor was recently moped to clean it, then a “wet floor” sign must be placed in an appropriate spot to warn those walking by. 

Ice and Snow

Snow and ice must be removed if it accumulates on property stairs, steps, sidewalks, parking lots, or other walking pathways. Some local ordinances require that snow is shoveled and salt is spread so that reasonable measures have been taken to ward off a slip and fall accident. 

Elevators and Escalators

Escalators and elevators that are not properly maintained may start or stop abruptly, causing the person to slip, trip, or fall down entirely. As your WI slip and fall lawyer in Franklin may tell you during a consultation, it is possible that the elevator or escalator was not inspected and maintained as it should have been, which will be influential to your case verdict. 

Poor Lighting

Dark stairways and halls can make it challenging to see obstacles, debri, and steps. It can also make it hard to see changes in the floor surface. Furthermore, walking from a lighted space into darkness causes temporary vision impairment which can result in a serious fall. Property owners must continually confirm that their lighting is installed properly and adequate lighting is provided. 

Slippery Materials

There are certain types of hardwood, ceramic tile, glass, stone, concrete, and other smooth floor materials that create more of a risk for slip and fall incidents. If floors are over-polished then walkways can quickly turn into a serious hazard for visitors. Depending, liability may fall on the builders or architects who are responsible for defects in design. 

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