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March 13, 2019

Slip and Fall Lawyer FAQ: I slipped and fell in an area that was posted with a warning sign. Is it possible to file a lawsuit even though I was warned?

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Slip and Fall Lawyer Milwaukee, WI

Slip and falls are a leading reason for traumatic head injuries, broken hips, and muscle lacerations. Elderly people and children are at most risk for being injured in a slip and fall. When a horrible accident like this occurs, whether or not you can recover compensation will depend on various elements of the case. One of the most important elements is the existence of a warning sign.

If you have fallen and slipped in an area that did have a posted warning sign about the floor being slippery, broken, or otherwise hazardous, you may be hindered in your ability to file a lawsuit. Before you get discouraged, you should note the word “may”. As an experienced slip and fall lawyer, we would like to explain that there could be options to recovering compensation after a slip and fall – even if there was a warning sign.

Slipping and Falling With a Warning Sign Present

After you slip and fall in front or near to a warning sign, you should call a slip and fall lawyer who may consider:

  • The length of time that the floor was wet or slippery
  • The conditions of the premises at the time of the accident
  • The time the spill occurred (i.e. 15 minutes before or several hours)
  • Were the wet conditions there long enough that employees, the manager, or owner should have known about it
  • When were the premises last inspected
  • Was there enough time to clean up the floor
  • Were there requirements for a warning sign
  • What did the warning sign say
  • Where was the warning sign placed
  • Are there photos or video evidence of the warning sign

A good slip and fall lawyer should take time to investigate the above to determine what, if any, applies to your case. Usually, a lawyer will seek help from a private investigator in addition to consulting witnesses.

How a Warning Sign Could Have an Effect On Your Slip and Fall Case

If there was a warning sign at the time of your slip and fall accident, lawyers may need to assess the full scope of the situation before pursuing compensation. This is a very complicated factor in a claim and if not carefully thought through, you might lose your ability to recover compensation.

In general, the defending side (alleged liable party) will say they are not at fault because a warning sign was placed. In this scenario, a slip and fall lawyer will need to demonstrate that even though there was indeed a sign at least one of the following holds true:

  • You could not see the sign
  • The sign was hidden
  • The sign was not a sufficient warning
  • The sign was unreadable

Have You Been Involved in a Slip and Fall Accident? Was There a Warning Sign, But You Did Not See It?

If a warning sign was present at the time of your slip and fall, you should ask a slip and fall lawyer Milwaukee, WI offers to review the details and facts of the case.

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