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May 23, 2019

Skills Every Court Reporter Should Provide to Legal and Business Clients

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When you retain the services of court reporter you can be assured that they will exhibit the following:

Confidentiality: Reporters understand that the testimony and evidence presented in any deposition, hearing, or other action is often highly sensitive. He or she knows how critical it is that all of this information stays confidential.

Neutrality: A court reporter is essentially an officer of the court and knows that is crucial to remain entirely neutral regardless of the testimony that may take place. They understand that they should never share their opinions about the case they are hearing and that it is imperative that each side is treated exactly the same in order not to compromise any area of the case.

Etiquette: Court reporters know the importance of being professional and operating under all the rules of business etiquette at all times. Reporters will arrive at your venue early and will be dressed appropriately.

Organization: When you retain the services of one of our court reporters, you can rest assured that your reporter will have top-notch organizational skills that are critical to managing testimony, witnesses, and exhibits during the proceeding. Your transcripts will be prepared and delivered on time since all of our reporters possess extensive time management skills. You can also be assured that the finished product you receive will have all of the proper punctuation and grammar. Transcripts will be thoroughly proofread so they will be free of typos, misplaced punctuation, and other errors.

Accuracy: Court reporters understand that accuracy is key to any proceeding. Although reporters are not part of the active proceeding, they also know that in order to ensure accuracy to the record, there may be certain actions they will need to take, such as requesting a witness speak louder requesting spelling of names or locations, or any other request of the parties involved to guarantee the record will be accurate. These requests will be made with the utmost professionalism.

Skills: The equipment companies provide is highly technical and requires the same level of technical skill. There is also a skill required in order to write in shorthand. Court reporters have extensive training, experience, and skill in all of these areas. Reporters have obtained the highest levels of certifications based on the national standard for court reporters, with both speed and accuracy.

Court reporters are also trained in providing excellent customer service to their clients. Their commitment to delivering accurate and on-time transcripts, while anticipating the needs of every client, will give you the peace of mind you need in knowing you are getting the corporate court reporting services you need.

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