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December 18, 2017

Receiving Compensation for Physical Therapy Expenses after Slip and Fall Injury

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Slip and fall accidents are fairly common and can happen just about anywhere. Whether you slipped on a wet floor or tripped and fell because of a loose floor board, the fall can result in injuries. The most common injuries that result from slip and fall accidents are back injuries. Such back injuries can range from minor back pain to severe, disabling back pain and injuries.

If you have hurt your back in a slip and fall accident, you should seek medical attention immediately to check for potential injuries. If you believe the accident occurred at the fault of the entity where the fall took place, then the property owner of the entity might be liable. Such back injuries often require medical tests and treatment, as well as ongoing Physical Therapy care. Though this is necessary for a proper recovery, the bills and expenses can add up. Filing a personal injury claim can help you to obtain compensation for these damages.

Physical Therapy Care

The first thing you should do following a slip and fall accident is seek medical attention. In many back injury cases, Physical Therapy care may be necessary. Soft tissue injuries to the back are common in such accidents, because or damage or strains to the muscles and tendons. A Physical Therapist is trained to provide the proper care and treatment for a proper recovery.

It’s important to acquire and keep any documentation regarding to Physical Therapy care for your injury. Physical Therapy care is an acceptable form of medical treatment in personal injury cases, so you are entitle to compensation. You must, however, have evidence that the treatment is for your back injury from the accident.

Requesting Compensation

When filing a personal injury claim, you are able to request compensation for any past, present and future medical treatment that is related to the injury sustained in the said accident. This includes Physical Therapy treatment. You I will first need to prove that you received an injury as a direct result of the accident, and that negligence by the property owner caused the accident.

To claim compensation Physical Therapy treatment, you will need to provide medical records and documentation detailing your injury and any treatment that was administered. In addition, you should provide medical bills that outline the costs of appointments, tests, treatment and any other incurred costs. It is important that you prove that Physical Therapy medicine and treatment was needed for your injuries. Unless you have proper documentation to prove that Physical Therapy care was necessary for recovery, the opponent may deem the treatment as having been unnecessary, and therefore, refuse to pay compensation.

Settling a Claim

It is generally important to ensure you have recovered from your injuries before reaching a settlement, because otherwise, any post-settlement treatment may not get covered. Consult with an experienced professional such as the physical therapy Rockville, MD (FAQ) locals have been trusting for years.  To prevent this, you should either wait until you are healed, or request compensation for future treatment. This can be difficult to do, but if you can provide proper medical records that detail long-term treatment, then you may have a chance.

Although Physical Therapy care is considered an acceptable form of medical treatment in personal injury claims, it can be a difficult damage to claim. A personal injury lawyer can help you in the event that your Physical Therapy treatment has to be justified.

A special thanks to our authors at Pain and Arthritis Relief Center for their insight into Physical Therapy Care.

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