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December 15, 2017

4 Tasks To Do While Healing a Broken Bone after a Personal Injury

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While nursing a broken bone after being injured in a personal injury or work accident, it may be tempting to rest on the couch or in bed most of the time until you are fully healed. However, your recovery will go by much faster if you follow all doctor’s orders when it comes to recommended activity level. Your physician may have also given you stretches or exercises to perform at home. While it is true you may have to make some serious changes in your everyday routine, staying stagnant will not help in getting your bone strength back. Listed below we go over four major tasks you can accomplish to make life a little easier, as you focus on recovery.

#1 – Safety Proof Your Home

Ask family and friends to help make your home more safe. If you have to use crutches, a cane or sling for an extended period of time it may pay off to take precautions that can prevent a slip and fall or further injury. Clear a path through every room, tidy up loose or crumpled rugs, add extra lighting, install handrails on stairs and in the shower. If you live by yourself, always have your phone on you so you can call for help if needed.

#2 – Make Daily Tasks Less Daunting

You may have to learn how to move and perform tasks differently until your bones heal all the way. If you have an occupational or physical therapist, they can show you various ways to complete tasks safely. Ask loved ones to shop for groceries or order food for delivery. It can help to stock up on healthy brand frozen meals. Buying already cut and washed fruits and vegetables can help you save energy and time as well.

#3 – Find Unique Ways to Get Clean

Try new showering practices such as using a handle-sponge while bathing, use a non-slip mat in the shower, and adhesive rubber backing to mats on the floor. By doing so, you can prevent further injury accidents. If going to the bathroom is an issue, add a toilet seat that is raised so you do not have to bend down as far. You can use a bath chair and shower head that detaches to help wash.

#4 – Hire a Moving Company

In the event you need something moved or cleaned while recovering from your injury, it can help to look into moving companies Philadelphia PA trusts who can assist you. If you explain your situation, they may be able to offer services that most closely suit your needs. Some moving companies perform cleaning services too, which can be a great resource if you are unable to maintain upkeep of your home.

A bone does not heal overnight. By asking for help and finding new ways to get your daily tasks done, it can keep you feeling energized and on the road to a full recovery.

Thanks to our friends and contributors from Suburban Solutions for their insight into moving services.

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