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November 04, 2018

Reasons Some Require Social Security Disability Benefits

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Social Security Disability Insurance Benefits or (SSDI) can provide people who are no longer able to work or maintain employment with financial support. Imagine still being at working age and suffering an injury or illness that prohibits your ability to continue working? This can be a scary process, full of a number of unknowns. Such a process can have a financial impact on a person, regardless of whether benefits are approved. Approval of SSDI benefits can take months before any sort of compensation can be obtained. While there are a number of reasons why people may require the support of SSDI, there are also a number of reasons to hire an attorney for help. Hickey & Turim may be able to provide you with legal support, especially if your claim has been denied and you must endure the appeals process.

The Need for SSDI Benefits

When a person is unable to work due to a disability, they may begin to consider the need for SSDI benefits. You will need to complete an application, along with the proper documentation and send it off to the Social Security Administration (SSA) for approval. Some may find that they are deterred or overwhelmed by the process. When someone doesn’t obtain the benefits they so desperately need they may be impacted in a number of ways. Here are some reasons a person may want to pursue SSDI benefits:

  1. They suffer from a long term illness such as: heart failure, respiratory illness or neurological problems.
  2. They suffer from mental illness that makes it difficult to obtain and/or retain employment such as bipolar disorder or multiple personality disorder.
  3. SSDI recipients have the ability to obtain help with housing as well, which can offer a huge support. Although SSDI doesn’t necessarily pay or offers programs for housing, there are other programs that a person may qualify for.
  4. Insurance coverage and medical benefits can be a challenge for people with significant illness. SSDI may offer benefits that may be able to provide assistance.

If you have a strong case for SSDI benefits, it may be in your best interest to speak with an SSDI attorney like Hickey & Turim. With our support, you can feel at ease that you are on the right path towards SSDI approval.

Hickey & Turim Can Help

Our experience with managing the SSA and the court process that may follow may be able to help you obtain the results you are looking for. An attorney can provide you with help:

  • An attorney can advocate for you by protecting your rights and keeping them at the forefront of the process.
  • A professional to represent you and litigate in court if necessary.
  • To help make sure that the proper paperwork is filed and the appropriate documentation to support your claim is gathered.
  • Your chances of obtaining SSDI approval can increase greatly with an attorney

We know that the hardship that comes with a disability can put a serious strain on a person. It’s not uncommon to feel helpless when faced with an SSDI denial. Let our experience and support help guide you during this stressful time.

An attorney will first need to review your case and determine whether you have a strong claim for SSDI benefits. A number of attorneys provide services on a contingency fee basis, meaning, we don’t see any money if you don’t. Hickey & Turim can provide you with a clear fee structure and direction during what may be a stressful time.

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