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When you have been in a premises liability accident, you may be interested in hiring a personal injury lawyer Franklin, WI trusts from Hickey & Turim, SC. Accidents happen all the time on someone else’s property and, when they do, the property owner or manager may be responsible for the person’s accident if they neglected to keep the property safe or did not provide appropriate warning signs. While you may think it is enough to state that you were on the property and that you sustained injuries from being on the property, an attorney can help connect the two and show that you would not have become injured had you not been on the property. 

What kinds of accidents qualify as premises liability accidents? 

When many people think of premises liability accidents, they think of slip and fall accidents. While this is one type of premises liability accident, you can also sustain injuries through: 

  • Areas that have improper or negligent security systems
  • Broken or defective staircases or handrails
  • Accidents that involve uneven floor surfaces
  • Accidents where there are spills or wet surfaces

As a Franklin, Wisconsin personal injury lawyer knows, a premises liability accident is determined based on who was negligent. Thus, when an insurance company examines the claim, they will be looking at whether the property owner acted negligently and whether the injured party also shard in any of the negligence. This is known as comparative negligence. So, if you were at a property and the property owner did not have a safe place for you to walk on, they may be considered at fault for the injury. However, if you were under the influence of alcohol or wearing very high heels, an insurance company may say that it is impossible to place all of the blame on the property owner. In this situation, you may be 20% responsible for the accident occurring and receive 80% of the settlement that the insurance company offers. 

What can an attorney do for you? 

Because Wisconsin follows comparative negligence law, an insurance company will likely try to do everything they can to show that you were also responsible for your accident. An attorney who is on your side can help ensure you reach a fair settlement with the insurance company and that you do not accept an offer that is too low. 

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