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September 30, 2020

Personal Health Insurance For Bicycle Accident

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When someone is in a bicycle accident involving a car, the injuries and property damage can be quite severe. With all the bills that could start piling up, the expenses could get overwhelming. How are you going to pay for your medical bills?

Personal Health Insurance Coverage

If you are covered by personal health insurance, you can certainly use it to pay for the injuries sustained in your bike accident. Health insurance varies by provider and policy, but you may be able to get a large portion of the bills covered. Insurance often covers emergency room charges, medication, surgeries, physical therapy, and a wide range of other expenses that are related to bicycle accident injuries. You may have a copay, and there may be an out-of-pocket limit, but health insurance is still a helpful option.

A Lien on Your Settlement

If you are going to sue the person responsible for your accident, the health insurance company will probably place a lien on your settlement. The purpose of the settlement is to compensate you for the medical expenses you had to pay to take care of your bicycle accident injuries. If the insurance company is actually the entity that paid those expenses, they should be compensated instead. When there’s a lien on your settlement, the lawyer will satisfy it before you are given access to use any of the money yourself.

Auto Insurance

If the responsible party’s auto insurance company satisfies a claim you file for the accident, your health insurance company might also be able to get compensation from that money. As long as the driver truly was liable, and he or she is insured, this is often where compensation will come from.

Your Own Auto Insurance

If you were the victim of a hit-and-run, or if the driver who hit you was uninsured, there’s a chance you’ll have coverage from your own auto insurance policy. If you have uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage, it protects you against injuries sustained from an uninsured driver. It doesn’t rule out the possibility you were on a bicycle. If this is something available to you, your personal health insurer might request you file a claim with your auto insurer so the health insurer can be compensated for medical expenses paid.

Calling Your Lawyer

After being in a bicycle accident, your injuries could rack up some high costs. Call a lawyer, like a personal injury lawyer today to learn how to get compensated.

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