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October 01, 2020

3 Common Accidents That Result in TBI

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The human brain is a supercomputer. It runs the rest of the body, including all conscious and unconscious behavior. Things such as breathing, running, and crying all go through a series of electrical impulses originating in the brain. What happens if the brain is injured? One of the most devastating injuries a person can deal with is a traumatic brain injury. While this does not always result in lifelong consequences, it may. Explore three common ways the brain may become injured.

1. Motor Vehicle Crash

Most traumatic brain injuries occur in car accidents. When one vehicle hits another, it may cause the neck to jostle back and forth so violently that the brain moves around inside the skull. In some cases, the head hits against an item inside the car and causes a visible injury. Either way, the care that is given immediately following a crash is critical in the recovery rate. A head injury that doesn’t involve an impact may be easily overlooked after a crash, but the brain may be silently bleeding. When a head injury goes undiagnosed for too long, it may become critical and leave the patient permanently disabled.

2. Construction Site Accident

The dangerous equipment used on construction sites makes getting a head injury more likely. When a worker gets hit in the head by falling debris or heavy machinery, the TBI that results may require rehabilitation and constant care. The medical bills that result from this type of injury may be too much for the family to bear, especially with the loss of income. Modifications to life may become necessary, and life significantly altered in the aftermath of a TBI.

3. Falling or Tripping

Any kind of fall or trip event has the potential to end with the head hitting the ground. Falls from heights are the most likely to lead to a TBI as the further one falls, the harder the head impacts the ground. However, even a fall from the feet may result in a TBI depending on the conditions of the environment around the accident scene. For example, a slippery floor may cause the body to fall faster and, therefore, exert more force when it connects with the ground.
However, a traumatic brain injury happens, if medical intervention is not swift, it may result in life-long disability. If you or someone you know is facing an uphill battle after trauma, a local lawyer, like a personal injury lawyer from Wieand Law Firm, LLC, may be able to offer the expertise needed.

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