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September 30, 2020

Cases That a Wrongful Death Lawyer Handles

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Personal Injury Lawyer

There are many subspecialties of law, and wrongful death law is a unique branch. When someone dies as a result of the negligent or harmful acts of another person or entity, the surviving family members may be able to file a wrongful death lawsuit. There are many ways that a wrongful death can occur, including assault that leads to death, medical malpractice, and wrongful negligence. For parties considering the services of this type of attorney, consider the kind of cases that he or she manages.


Negligence comes in many forms, and one of the most common ones in today’s society is a driver’s negligence. There are too many distractions on the road, and behaviors like texting and driving can be lethal. If a person dies in a car wreck in which the at-fault party was driving distracted, the family may be entitled to a wrongful death lawsuit. Situations such as falling asleep while driving can also be counted as negligence in some cases.

Medical Malpractice

The medical field should be one that patients should be able to place their trust in. However, there are situations in which physicians, clinics, or hospitals commit medical malpractice that leads to wrongful death. This can include misdiagnosis, negligence on a physician’s part, or even battery against a patient. Medical malpractice claims should always be taken seriously, but even more so if they involve the wrongful death of a patient. There are many ways in which a wrongful death can occur in a medical facility, and it is important that families of these patients be advocates against this.

Personal Injury That Leads to Death

Assault and battery that do not lead to death are often handled under the personal injury branch of law. However, when these practices lead to wrongful death, a different branch of law is used. Murder and manslaughter cases are often handled by a wrongful death attorney. The wrongful death may have taken place at the hands or an individual or by many people.

Dealing with the aftermath of wrongful death can be devastating for families. It is important that they fight for the forms of compensation that they deserve, and a wrongful death attorney can help fight for this recompense. For those finding themselves in this unfortunate situation, a consultation with a legal team specializing in this branch of law is recommended. A lawyer, like a wrongful death lawyer from Patterson Bray, can help with the proceedings of this type of lawsuit.

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