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Costco Warehouse Injury Lawyer, WI

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Costco Warehouse Injury Lawyer in Wisconsin

Costco warehouse injury lawyer WI

Warehouse accidents lead to much more severe injuries than other work related accidents and in many cases, can even result in wrongful death, and/or the need to find a Costco warehouse injury lawyer in WI. Cases involving workers and warehouse/ logistic companies are extraordinarily complex. Usually there are many parties that take part in the daily routines of the warehouse who could share some fault for the injury, not just warehouse workers. As a Costco warehouse injury law firm in WI, Hickey and Turim SC have the specific knowledge, skills, and ability needed to help you in receiving a total workers compensation if you are subject to a warehouse accident.

Common Causes of Costco Warehouse Injuries

Slip and Falls

Slip and fall accidents leading to an injury are one of the leading causes of warehouse injuries. Rules, regulations, and laws have been put into place in order to prevent these types of accidents from occuring.  One such regulation is that warehouse managers and executives are required to mark hazardous areas that are prone to slip and falls. If the management fails to provide the adequate safety tools this can lead to an increase in workplace accidents. When an employee is in a warehouse accident they may need to contact a Costco warehouse injury lawyer in WI, like Hickey and Turim SC.

Falling off a ladder 

Falls from a ladder can cause long-lasting physical and mental health issues. The researchers say nearly half of the victims experience some decrease in their mental health for over half of a year after their fall, according to findings written recently in the journal PLOS One. Falls from a ladder can lead to days if not months of missed work. Falling from a ladder in a warehouse is one of the most common accidents a warehouse worker can have. The victim of a fall from a ladder may be eligible for workers compensation and should reach out to an attorney for more information on how to best proceed after an accident. 

Forklift Accident

Many forklift accidents are caused by the operator’s carelessness. Forklift operators can find themselves working extended hours and they are often susceptible to extreme tiredness, which leads to a plethora of mishaps inside the warehouse. Fear of losing their jobs or other repermandments can cause a forklift operator to deny that he or she is at fault. Educating yourself on your rights after a forklift warehouse accident is a must to make sure that a proper workers compensation is awarded to you as the victim. Hickey and Turim SC, being a  Wisconsin Costco warehouse injury lawyer, can educate you as the victim about your rights as it pertains to worker compensation. 

You can contact a Costco warehouse injury lawyer in WI now for a free, private, no-obligation consultation regarding your case by reaching out to Hickey and Turim SC. You will work hand in hand with an attorney to help guide you through the complicated process of collecting workers compensation. 

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