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Car Accident Lawyer West Allis, WI 

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Car Accident Lawyer West Allis, WI   Car Accident Lawyer West Allis, WI  

According to the National Center for Health Statistics, the leading cause of death for young people between the ages of 15 to 20 are vehicle accidents. This is alarming news for parents of teen drivers, but there are steps that can be taken in order to help protect them and minimize their risks of getting into a crash. The following is a brief overview of those steps. For more detailed information, or for legal assistance if your teen has been in a crash, contact a West Allis, Wisconsin car accident lawyer from Hickey & Turim for assistance.

Children Learn What They Live

A teen is more likely to heed parents’ warnings about driving safely if the parents also practice these safe driving habits. A West Allis, WI car accident lawyer knows if your teen knows that you don’t engage in distracted driving behaviors, speeding, or other dangerous driving, they are more likely to follow your lead.

Safe Driver Programs

One of the best tools you can give your teen driver is having them participate in a safe driver program. These programs are often sponsored by the DMV, high schools, community centers, and more. Your teen will learn how to become a more defensive driver, which is critical to staying safe on today’s roads. 

Parent-Teen Driving Contract 

Many parents find that creating a parent-teen contract that specifies what your rules and expectations are regarding passengers in the car, speeding, distracted driving, and other behaviors. The contract should also specify what the consequences will be if the teen fails to abide by the contract.

Choose a Safe Vehicle for Your Teen

Although there are many sports cars and other “cool” vehicles to choose from, it is best to select a vehicle for your teen that has a high safety rating and has the latest safety features available. 

Limit Nighttime Driving

 Many states have curfews limiting the hours teen drivers can be on the road at night. Keep in mind that according to national statistics, the majority of fatal car crashes happen between the hours of 9 pm and midnight. If your state does not have a curfew, parents should impose one that limits the nighttime driving hours for their teens.


The more time your teen spends behind the wheel, the more experience and confidence they will build up. Experience is often key to safe driving. When you are going somewhere with your teen, encourage them to do the driving. Not only does this allow them to build up experience, but it also allows you to see where they may need extra pointers.

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