Our accident injury lawyer Milwaukee, WI trusts from Hickey & Turim, SC knows that when you are suffering from injuries after an accident, it is time to reach out to an attorney you can trust. Many people have been in minor fender-benders. These do not always lead to needing an attorney or filing a personal injury claim. However, for more serious car accidents that involve property damage and injuries that are bigger than bruises, you will want the help of an attorney when you file your personal injury claim. Want to see what we can do to help you with your claim? Give our office a call. 

Is there a typical settlement amount when it comes to pain and suffering for car accidents? 

It is hard to say that there is a typical amount one could receive for pain and suffering because every personal injury claim is going to be different. For example, someone who has been in an extremely traumatic car accident where they lost a limb and lost a loved one will likely get a larger pain and suffering amount than someone who was in a minor car accident and suffered fewer injuries. 

Will a pain and suffering settlement calculator give me an idea of how much I will get?

Our Milwaukee personal injury lawyer encourages you not to use these general calculators to tell you how much you may get because they are unable to take everything into consideration. When you are fighting with an insurance company about receiving pain and suffering damages, they will not be using these calculators to estimate what payment you deserve. 

Is the only way to receive compensation after a car accident by sending a demand letter? 

Not necessarily. While this can usually work in your favor by showing you are serious about getting the compensation you deserve, many insurance agents will typically reach out to you to get an idea of what you are expecting out of everything and see what the minimum payment is they can get away with. Working with your attorney to send a demand letter can help you come out strong. 

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