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June 16, 2022

Your Milwaukee Workers’ Compensation Attorneys

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Milwaukee Workers Compensation Lawyers- lawyer in meeting with clientWork injuries are frustrating and inconvenient but they can cause many other serious problems, as Milwaukee-based workers compensation lawyers can explain. If you are injured at work you may not be able to return to work right away depending on the severity of your injuries. You are left struggling to figure out how you can stay financially stable. As a workers’ compensation lawyers like one at Hickey & Turim, SC can explain to you, there are many basic mistakes you could make which can cost you compensation. Know this information so that you can avoid making mistakes when you are planning to file a worker’s compensation claim. 

What injuries do not qualify for workers compensation? 

If you have an injured at work you may be wondering whether you can file workers compensation claim. You should know that not every type of injury is eligible. Just because you have an injury doesn’t mean that you can automatically file for workers compensation. Types of injuries that are not eligible include injuries that occur as a result of horseplay, injuries sustained while committing criminal acts, and injuries that were sustained off site such as during a commuter lunch break.

How soon do I need to report the accident?

It is critical that you report a workplace accident right away. It can harm your claim if you wait too long to report the accident. Your employer needs to be informed about the details so make sure that you submit a report and follow the procedures established by our company. Include details such as where the accident took place, the people who witnessed the accident, and what kind of injuries you sustained.

Do I need to see a doctor?

A common mistake that people make if they have been injured at work is to delay medical attention. It is crucial that you see a doctor or other medical professional right away so that they can evaluate your condition. They will see if you have any injuries and make a detailed medical report. You may not notice the severity of your condition, but a paramedic or doctor will.

What happens if I misreport my claim?

When filing a workers compensation claim, some people make exaggerated or flat-out false statements so that they can increase their compensation amount. This will only damage your claim and result in its rejection. If you have medical records provided in your claim your statements will not match what is on the record. When reporting the accident, be descriptive but do not make any kind of misleading or false description because they will be found out. 

Filing a workers compensation claim to be an exhausting process. However, you want to make sure that everything is correct so that you can get the benefit amount that you are entitled to receive. With all from a skilled and experienced lawyer you can obtain legal guidance so that you can submit your claim correctly and on time. Learn more about how you can get legal advice, but setting up an appointment with a skilled workers compensation lawyer in Milwaukee today.

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