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January 08, 2020

Workers’ Compensation When Driving Back to a Home-Based Office

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Workers’ compensation claims can become more difficult when you work from home. Workers’ compensation normally begins to cover you when you drive on company business, not for a commute. When you work from home, it can be more difficult to understand what’s covered.

Employers will often try to deny claims on the assumption that injuries, where you travel to or from your home, must be your responsibility. But let’s look at situations where a workers’ compensation lawyer may help you get the coverage you deserve.

Workers’ Compensation When Traveling To or From Home

When you work from home and your employer requires you to travel to a different place than your office, this is often considered a “special mission.” For example, if your employer required you to go to the post office from your home, workers’ compensation would normally cover it. Workers’ compensation also normally covers you if your job involves traveling to various locations. For example, workers’ compensation is likely to cover a home-based employee whose job requires him or her to travel among different customer offices.

Workers’ compensation may also cover you if your work contract or agreement provides for travel. For example, if your employer provides a vehicle for your unrestricted use, or requires you to transport specialized equipment, workers’ compensation may cover this mileage. However, merely having a company car does not necessarily mean that your travel to your place of work is covered. A workers’ compensation lawyer can help you determine if you have a claim.

If you do not have a fixed place of employment, workers’ compensation is more likely to be in effect despite your trip being to or from home. If you must store specialized equipment at your home and go to different job sites each day, you may meet this test.

Workers’ Compensation When Traveling To or From a Work-Related Event

Travel to and from work-related events may not be considered commutes or personal mileage if attendance was mandatory. You may also have workers’ compensation coverage for travel to and from your home to a work-related meeting.

A work-related event or meeting may also include events like going to pick up a paper from your employer. The extent of the event doesn’t matter; what matters is that you were driving to the office when you normally wouldn’t, and it was on behalf of your employer.

Workers’ compensation cases are often complex. This is especially true where your home was one stop on the trip where you suffered a loss. You should contact a workers’ compensation lawyer at The Law Offices of Franks, Koenig & Neuwelt to help you file a claim that will more likely be accepted.


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