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March 14, 2018

Will Disability Cover Chronic Knee Or Back Pain?

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Receiving SSDI benefits for chronic knee or back pain may be challenging due to the large number of people who suffer from these types of pain. With the large volume of applications regarding knee and back pain that the SSA receives, it’s important to be diligent in the process of applying. If you are eligible to collect SSDI benefits, a social security attorney will be able to provide you with legal counsel throughout.

If you are concerned that your chances of being approved by the Social Security Administration, keeping in mind the following criteria, can help with the SSDI application process.

  • Do you have the documentation that is needed from your doctor?
    • The SSA will look very closely at each claim that they receive.
    • Providing them with the information that you receive from your doctor will be an important aspect to a successful claim.
    • The following medical documents need to be included in your application:
      • Diagnosis
      • Full Medical History
      • Test Results
      • X-Rays
      • Additional records that will help with your case
  • Will the diagnosis that you received by your doctor be one that will last more than a year?
    • A diagnosis of this caliber will be an important factor in proving to the SSA that you are unable to work.
    • The SSA uses a Blue Book to articulate whether or not you will be entitled to benefits based on your medical conditions.
    • In most situations a diagnosis will result in being able to qualify for SSDI, this is especially the case with pain that is severe and impacts you for a long period of time.
    • Work with a doctor with experience in working with chronic knee pain to ensure that all the proper tests are run. It will be important to backup your claim by showing the severity of your pain with tests that prove your diagnosis.
  • What other types of qualifications are needed?
    • Be sure to check that you have met all of the requirements prior to submitting your application.
    • You will need to include more than just a medical diagnosis, for example:
      • Age
      • Income
      • Work History
  • Double check your application to confirm that you have everything needed prior to submitting your application.

It can be a complicated process to apply for SSDI when it comes to chronic knee and back injuries. It is common for a person’s application to be denied due to a small mistake. As a result, you will be required to apply for SSDI benefits all over again. It will be important to receive advice from someone who understands the SSDI application process. An SSDI attorney will be able to improve your chances of your application being approved.

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