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December 31, 2021

When You Do Not Need a Personal Injury Lawyer

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If you’ve been injured because of someone’s negligence, suing likely makes sense. Hiring a personal injury attorney to assist is often the smartest decision. Still, there are a few scenarios under which you might wish to pursue litigation without a representative. Here are some legal situations that you might be able to handle without an attorney.

You Suffered Minor Damages

Occasionally, the financial reward you stand to gain does not outweigh the expense of hiring a legal expert. It doesn’t take long for a lawyer’s fees to accumulate, and there’s no point in pursuing litigation once those bills outstrip the reward you’re seeking. Consider a minor car accident. A fender bender is unlikely to create serious medical expenses. Often, filing a claim with your insurance company will be sufficient to cover the costs of visiting the doctor and fixing your vehicle.

You Reside in a No-Fault State

In particular areas of the country, you do not have the right to sue unless the harm you endure reaches a certain threshold. This barrier can be either based on the nature of your injury or the cost of treating it. When making a no-fault claim, the amount a court may award becomes limited, which may render hiring a personal injury attorney moot.

You Are a Master Negotiator

Defendants will oftentimes opt to offer a settlement rather than going to trial. Insurance companies, especially, make a habit of offering claimants cash awards. Naturally, they try to get away with paying the lowest amounts possible. Receiving what you actually deserve may require some savvy negotiating. Personal injury lawyers are adept at navigating these sensitive situations, yet you might feel comfortable tackling this challenge without help. Handle the bargaining process yourself if you believe strongly in your diplomatic abilities.

You Understand the Law

Many cases involve legal nuances that laypersons are unprepared to understand, much less dissect before a judge. Perhaps your lawsuit involves a topic with which you’re already intimately familiar. Maybe you feel extremely comfortable in your ability to learn whatever knowledge will be necessary to effectively make your argument. For most, hiring someone who’s already dedicated to the personal injury field makes vastly more sense. 

Helming a personal injury suit on your own is a challenge, but it can be done. However, for the majority of litigants, it’s preferable to hire an expert in the discipline. Think carefully before going it alone. Hiring an experienced Milwaukee personal injury lawyer, like the ones at Hickey & Turim S.C., will give you the best chance at getting the compensation you deserve.

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