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February 21, 2018

What to Do in an Uber Accident?

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If you are the victim of an Uber car collision, seeking the counsel of a car accident attorney may be a top priority for you.

Ridesharing is a common choice for many who are trying to get where they need to go; whether for leisure or as a reliable source of transportation for work. Unfortunately, as ridesharing numbers increase, more people find themselves in Uber car accidents. There are some things you should know about collisions as a result of an Uber driver’s negligence or unsafe driving.

By consulting with car accident attorney, they can bring to light any evidence that can backup your case. Car insurance companies will do whatever they can to keep from losing money, so having a professional work with your best interest in mind and with the purist of motivations is vital to winning your case.

You May Qualify for Compensation…

      If a passenger was injured in the collision due to the Uber driver being at fault.

      If a driver suffered injuries as a result of another vehicle or motorist fault.

      If a person was injured while in an Uber regardless of who was at fault.

Common Car Accident Injury Types

a) Bodily Paralysis
b) Deep Cuts and/or Lacerations to skin
c) Internal Bleeding
d) Coma or Concussion(s)
e) Head, skull, neck, and/or spine harm
f) One or multiple broken bones
g) Organ bruises or tears
h) Mental trauma

By choosing a car accident attorney to oversee your Uber case, you can rest assured knowing our legal team will use unique strategies to get you restitution for injuries. The level of car insurance which covers an Uber driver can include a higher availability of compensation for hospital bills, loss of income along with pain and suffering.

It is key to your case that you appoint a lawyer who is knowledgeable. They can represent you and gather proof of injuries from a health provider in order to see the best results possible. They may even work alongside your doctor depending on the severity of injuries. Regardless of the extent of your harm, contacting a car accident attorney can help you throughout each process. Whether you need assistance filing a claim or gathering evidence present at the time of collision… they are there to help!

Please contact a Fredericksburg VA car accident lawyer to get a full evaluation of your case. The first consultation is commonly free, so do not hesitate to schedule an appointment today!

Thanks to our friends and contributors from MartinWren, P.C., for their insight into auto accidents.

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