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April 14, 2022

What Issues Can An Immigration Lawyer Help With?

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Immigration Lawyer

Immigration law encompasses a wide range of legal matters and issues. An immigration lawyer can help with small matters such as applying/renewing your visa or they can help with more difficult matters like deportation. Since immigration is handled on the federal level, you’re able to obtain help from a lawyer from any state–this is the case even when you’re residing outside the United States. 

Navigating immigration law can be complex even for simple matters like applying for a visa. Additionally, there’s still discrimination and heightened scrutiny that makes resolving an immigration issue difficult without legal aid. 

From making sure you’re correctly filling out and filing all necessary paperwork to having proper representation, there’s plenty an immigration lawyer can do. 

Common Immigration Issues a Lawyer Can Help with

We’ll break down some of the most common issues a lawyer can help with:

  • Deportation: Whether you’re facing deportation or you’ve already been deported, but are interested in returning to the U.S., a lawyer can help provide you with the right representation. 
  • Immigration applications: Immigration applications aren’t without their headaches! Whether you’re applying for a travel visa to the states for an extended vacation or are wanting to fully migrate, a lawyer will ensure all your paperwork is properly filed. 
  • Green cards: A lawyer can help answer any questions you have regarding green card eligibility as well as any visa or citizenship. 
  • A denied application: An immigration application can be denied for various reasons. For example, even a small mistake like putting down your wrong date of birth may result in your application being denied. 
  • Employment assistance: To work in the states you’ll need an employer willing to sponsor you. However, if your employer is not helping you with the process then you might need to contact a lawyer.
  • You’ve committed a crime: Maybe your application has been denied due to your criminal history, but you’re still wanting to enter the states or you’ve committed a crime while here and want to avoid being deported. 

What to Look for in an Immigration Lawyer? 

Before hiring an immigration lawyer you want to make sure they’re the right person for the job. Some qualities and qualifications to look for in a lawyer include: 

  • The right experience: Not only will you want an immigration lawyer with plenty of immigration law experience, but you also want a lawyer that has tackled similar cases as yours. 
  • A lawyer with great references: Be sure to ask any potential lawyer for references from satisfied clients and colleagues. 
  • A lawyer that’s transparent: You’ll want a lawyer that can clearly answer any question you have and who will keep you in the loop. 
  • Enough time: Lawyers are busy which is why you’ll want to make sure your lawyer has enough time to devote to your case. Ask for an estimated timeframe as well as an estimated cost.

Immigration law encompasses a wide range of legal issues and whether you need help filing for citizenship or are facing deportation, having an immigration lawyer on your side should be a priority. Our friends at the Law Group of Iowa have a team of attorneys ready to help! 

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