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March 30, 2022

What is Personal Injury?

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As a personal injury lawyer in Milwaukee, WI from Hickey & Turim, S.C. has seen before, victims of personal injury accidents are often left with physical pain, mental stress, financial instability, and wage loss. No one feels at their best when they have just been through a serious accident, and you may yearn for justice to be served. Contact our law firm and let us know how your life has been adversely impacted because of another’s carelessness, and we can calculate a potential monetary award to fight for in your case. 

What is personal injury?

When one person causes harm to another because of their thoughtlessness or negligence, this is considered a personal injury event. If you are not sure whether you have a case for personal injury, we suggest contacting our law firm today for more information. The main types of accidents that may be categorized under personal injury law include 

  • Car accidents
  • Truck accidents
  • Medical malpractice
  • Motorcycle accidents
  • Premises liability
  • Workplace accident
  • Product liability
  • Wrongful death
  • Slip and fall
  • More+

What if I can’t pay my medical bills?

Our law firm believes that victims should not have to pay for injuries, damages, and other losses that resulted because of the fault of another. With our help, we can hold the person that was reckless accountable for their actions, in addition to making sure that you get a settlement amount that is fair. After an injury accident, many victims worry about how they are going to pay their medical bills. This is understandable, as medical bills can quickly become steep. However, it should not come out of your own pocket. During our initial consultations with you, we can go over what your options are and how to get compensation from the at-fault party for your medical bills.

When should I contact a lawyer?

If you were injured because of someone else’s fault, you should reach out to a WI personal injury lawyer in Milwaukee from Hickey & Turim, S.C. as quickly as possible afterwards. There are statute of limitations for every state, which outlines a time frame that you are allowed to take legal action. An experienced lawyer can walk through the process of how to pursue compensation.

What if an insurance adjuster calls me?

If an insurance adjuster contacts you, politely decline the call and reach out to us immediately. In the couple days after an accident, an insurance adjuster is likely to call you and ask for a statement about what happened. These representatives may come off as being very friendly and concerned about how you’re feeling, when in reality they are looking for ways to minimize or reduce your claim. We strongly advise not providing a statement until you have contacted us, so we can guide you through the conversation or take over the phone call entirely. 

Contact our law firm now if you or a loved one was a victim in a personal injury accident. A personal injury lawyer in Milwaukee, Wisconsin from Hickey & Turim, S.C. ready to speak with you.

What is a Personal Injury Lawyer?

Personal injury lawyers are legal representatives who assist individuals who have been injured in some way, either physical or psychological. These injuries might occur at work, during a car accident, or due to medical malpractice. A personal injury lawyer Milwaukee, WI from Hickey & Turim helps individuals to recover financially when they have been injured through another party’s negligence.

Personal injury lawyers are also known as tort lawyers since they deal with cases that involve torts (legal wrongs). If a person has been injured due to the negligence or misconduct of another party, the injured person has a right to compensation under the law. Legal representation is necessary to prove the case and obtain just compensation.

How a Personal Injury Lawyer Can Help You

A job of a personal injury lawyer is to evaluate your claim and determine the best course of action for getting you the compensation that you deserve. There are many things that your attorney will take into consideration when evaluating your case. They will look at who is responsible for the accident, how badly you were injured, how much medical treatment you needed, and how much time and money you lost as a result of the accident.

Your lawyer will also need to determine if there was any negligence on behalf of another party involved in the accident. If there was then they can work on getting you compensation for all of your damages.

When deciding which type of lawyer to hire for your injury claim, it is important to hire someone who has ample experience in dealing with cases similar to yours. The more experience a lawyer has in dealing with these types of claims, the better their chances are at winning them.

What To Do If You’ve Been Injured In an Accident

It’s a good idea to contact a personal injury lawyer in Milwaukee, WI as soon as possible after an accident. You may have many questions about what you should be doing or what your rights are under the law.

An experienced lawyer can help guide you through these decisions and protect your legal rights. A personal injury lawyer can help you recover any compensation to which you may be entitled, and will take on all of the work on your behalf so that you never have to speak with or negotiate with an insurance company on your own.

You can hire an attorney right away following an accident without worrying about how you will pay for it. That is because most personal injury lawyers work on a contingency fee basis, meaning that they only charge a fee if they win your case. Contingency fees are calculated as a percentage of the total damages awarded in your case, so if you do not receive any compensation, you do not owe them anything.

They Can Fight for Maximum Compensation

A skilled personal injury lawyer in Milwaukee, WI from Hickey & Turim will know how to build a strong case by gathering evidence, researching the law relevant to your case, calculating damages owed to you based on your injuries and losses, negotiating with insurance companies and filing a lawsuit if necessary in order to get you maximum compensation for your injuries.

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