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June 21, 2022

What Does A Workers Compensation Lawyer Do?

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A workers compensation lawyer Milwaukee, WI represents workers who have been injured on the job, providing guidance throughout the workers’ compensation claims process. A workers’ compensation lawyer may also advise employees regarding whether they should file a workers’ compensation claim in the first place in addition to filing workers’ compensation claims and representing workers at hearings. A workers’ compensation lawyer can help employees determine if they are eligible for benefits.

If employees are injured on the job, workers compensation lawyer Milwaukee, WI can help workers through the process of filing workers’ compensation claims and hearings against their employers. Workers who are ineligible for workers’ comp may be able to file a third-party claim against their employer’s insurance or other liable parties.

Additionally, workers’ compensation lawyers can also counsel employees who have not yet filed workers’ comp claims about whether they should apply for benefits based on an illness or work injury. If you’ve been hurt at work but haven’t applied for workers’ compensation, it might be time to speak with Hickey & Turim, SC about your options before you miss your deadline for applying for benefits.

Does a workers compensation lawyer get paid if I win my case?

No, because of federal law that prohibits employees from suing employers due to work-related accidents or illness, most workers are required to handle their own workers’ compensation cases without any outside help from an attorney. In workers’ comp cases, workers are required to handle their own workers’ compensation claims without any outside help from a workers compensation lawyer Milwaukee, WI.

Are workers’ compensation lawyers expensive?

Workers’ comp attorneys are generally fairly affordable, with workers in most states eligible to receive legal representation at no cost through state-funded workers’ compensation hotlines. Additionally, workers who have been denied workers’ comp benefits may be able to file an appeal of the decision without hiring a workers’ compensation lawyer Milwaukee, WI.

How do I hire a workers compensation lawyer?

Before hiring workers’ comp lawyers, it’s important that injured workers understand the differences between workers’ comp attorneys and regular personal injury attorneys. While all personal injury attorneys can potentially handle work-related accidents like construction site accidents or workplace injuries, workers should consider speaking with workers’ compensation lawyers first since many personal injury attorneys won’t take workers’ comp cases.

To find out if you’re eligible for workers’ compensation benefits or to file a workers’ comp claim, contact Hickey & Turim, SC for more information about meeting with a workers compensation lawyer in Milwaukee today.

Workers compensation lawyers in Milwaukee, WI are attorneys who work directly with workers that were injured on the job. Oftentimes, workers must deal with workers’ compensation insurance companies to get compensated for their injuries, and workers’ comp attorneys help workers through this process.

A workers compensation lawyer Milwaukee, WI handles the legal aspects of workers’ claims against employers because federal law prohibits employees from suing employers due to on-the-job accidents or illness. Because of this prohibition, employers purchase state-mandated workers’ compensation insurance policies that cover medical treatment and partial wage replacement should an employee be injured or sickened while on the job.

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