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June 21, 2022

What Can A Personal Injury Lawyer Do? 

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A personal injury lawyer is a lawyer who specializes in helping accident victims recover compensation. Personal injury refers to an accident that results in physical and emotional harm to a victim. Another name for personal injury is also called tort law. Lawyers who handle personal injury cases can protect your legal rights, conduct an investigation, and pursue the responsible parties. A lawyer will aggressively fight as your legal advocate so that you can obtain the compensation that you are entitled to. 

Do I need to hire a personal injury lawyer? 

Though you don’t need to hire a personal injury lawyer, it is advantageous to do so. When you hire your own lawyer, they can give you personalized legal advice throughout every part of your case. Having a lawyer at your side increases your chances of having a larger settlement amount. They can give you peace of mind so that you don’t have to go through the stress of handling the claim on your own.

How long do I have to file a claim? 

Arizona time to file a personal injury claim is roughly two years in most states, many victims only have roughly two years to file a claim. Every state is different, so make sure that you talk to your lawyer and learn about the statute of limitations. It could take a long time to complete an investigation or personal injury case so you should make a decision early. Reach out to a trusted personal injury lawyer to speak into your phone and all your strength so that you can achieve the best results.

What types of cases does a personal injury lawyer handle? 

Personal injury cases involve accident scenarios that result in physical or emotional harm to a victim as a result of negligence. These actions can be deliberate or a result of distraction or misconduct. Personal injury is a practice area that includes car accidents, truck accidents, product defects, medical malpractice, and construction accidents. If you believe that your injuries are a result of another person’s negligence or wrongful acts, you should seek a trusted lawyer who can evaluate your case. You may be entitled to a significant compensation amount which can help cover the cost of your losses. To learn more about legal services a Milwaukee personal injury lawyer can provide, schedule a consultation at Hickey & Turim, SC

Accidents can happen in life when we least expect them, as an experienced personal injury lawyer in Milwaukee, WI knows. If you’ve been injured at work, in a car accident, or in another type of scenario, you can count on a reputable personal injury lawyer to recover your losses. Legal claims can be stressful and challenging to handle, especially if you’re not familiar with the law. A trusted lawyer can educate you about your rights and serve as your legal advocate so that you can obtain the best outcome possible. For more information about how you can receive assistance from a personal injury lawyer in Milwaukee, WI, give Hickey & Turim, SC a call today to set up an appointment. 

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