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March 30, 2022

Types of Car Accident Claims

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When you are looking for a car accident lawyer Milwaukee, WI has many to choose from, but there is only one firm like Hickey & Turim, S.C. For decades we have been fighting for victims of car accidents. We understand the devastating effects that can result from an unexpected collision and work hard to get the results our clients are seeking. Regardless of the circumstances that might apply to your claim, as a Milwaukee car accident lawyer, we would like to speak to you.

Types of Car Accident Claims

Car accident claims can vary significantly. Some are straightforward and easy to get a fast settlement. Others take hours of investigation and defense building before being able to reach a fair settlement.

For this reason alone it is advisable to hire a car accident lawyer Milwaukee, WI residents can depend on. Some examples of car accident claims include:

  • Rear end collision;
  • Sideswiped;
  • Rollover;
  • Defective part;
  • Road obstacle;
  • Head on accident;
  • Pedestrian accident;
  • Multi-vehicle accident;
  • Hit and run;
  • Parking lot accident; and
  • Minor collisions and fender benders.

If you were involved in any of the aforementioned, or an accident that is not listed, please call a car accident lawyer Milwaukee, WI can rely on for honest legal advice.

Qualifiable Injuries for a Car Accident Claim

Injuries can vary from case to case. Some might be serious and others mild to moderate. Whatever the kind of injuries you may have endured, a car accident lawyer in Milwaukee, WI can let you know if they are applicable to a legal claim. Examples of injuries might include:

  • Sprains and broken bones;
  • Torn ligaments;
  • Head injury;
  • Brain injury;
  • Neck and spine injury;
  • Severe bruising;
  • Severe whiplash;
  • Internal bleeding or bruising;
  • Loss of limb;
  • Disability; and
  • Death.

This list is not exhaustive. For more details, you can speak with a car accident lawyer Milwaukee, WI families turn to by calling Hickey & Turim, S.C.

When You Are Injured in A Car Accident

If you have been involved and injured in a car accident, there are two very important rules to consider:

  1. Only Provide General Information – When you are asked for any information, it is recommended to provide general information only. This may include your driver’s license information, insurance company, and anything else that is required by law enforcement or medical professionals. DO NOT admit fault.
  2. Avoid Confronting the Other Party in a Hostile Manner – Whether or not you are at fault, it is possible to prejudice the accident by your actions after the situation has arisen. Do your best to remain calm and collective. File a police report and call Hickey & Turim, S.C. as soon as possible.

In order to receive damages in a car accident claim, a car accident lawyer Milwaukee, WI has to offer must be able to show negligence or wrongdoing on behalf of the other party(s). This can be tricky, especially when causative factors or a hit and run is involved in your claim. The sooner you have a lawyer actively involved, the better the outcome might be.

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