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March 30, 2022

How to Recognize and Avoid Road Rage

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How to Recognize and Avoid Road Rage

Aggressive drivers are more common than you may think. We are all families with what it feels like to be at the receiving end of an angry driver’s behavior. Those who are suffering the consequences of another driver’s neglectful or aggressive actions often turn to a Milwaukee, WI car accident attorney for legal counsel. At Hickey & Turim, S.C., we offer thorough, strategic, and compassionate legal services to people going through a difficult time.

We are proud of our case portfolio and you can read more about these case studies on our website. Many of our clients have received the compensation they needed in order to move on and heal from their car accident injuries in Milwaukee, WI. We opened our offices in 1989, and since then, we have passionately worked towards protecting the rights of Milwaukee, WI residents. This is not only a career path for us, but a way to give back and improve our community, too.

In order to effectively avoid engaging in road rage with other drivers, there are techniques you can practice while behind the wheel.

7 Ways to Prevent Road Rage

1) Move over a lane if someone is tailgating your vehicle. You may feel compelled to hit your brakes to send them a sign that they are too close, but this can fuel the fire and cause an accident.

2) If you make an error, a wave or mouthing an apology to the car next to you can defuse the mistake.

3) Allow plenty of time to arrive at your destination so you do not feel stressed and tempted to speed.

4) Listen to music that makes you feel cool, calm and collected, yet is enjoyable while on the road.

5) Refrain from over-using your horn. The sound of a horn can be agitating and can increase an already tense situation. Only use it in order to prevent an accident, not to express frustration.

6) If you observe an angry driver next to you, move over and avoid eye contact. Someone who is already angry could tip into outright violence if provoked any further. Despite feeling the need to respond, ignoring them and continuing to drive safely is in your best interest. When people “see red” from anger, they may act in a way that is harmful to others.

7) Practice mindfulness and meditative breathing while on the road. When we are easily triggered, we are susceptible to engaging with someone who is driving offensively.

Contact a Milwaukee, WI Car Accident Lawyer

Other common reasons a driver experiences rage on the road including fighting over a place to park, not being allowed to pass, being cut off, being stuck behind a very slow driver, or being tailgated.

When you choose a car accident attorney at Hickey & Turim, S.C., we may help answer any questions you have about getting compensation for your injuries. We suggest keeping an organized file that includes all documents related to the severity, evaluation, and progression of your injury.

Please call us today to reserve an appointment with a car accident lawyer Milwaukee, WI drivers trust by calling an attorney. At Hickey & Turim, S.C., we offer an initial consultation, free of charge and free of obligation, so you can feel comfortable trusting us with your case.

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