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March 13, 2019

Tips for Choosing an Executor

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It may be challenging to come to terms with the fact that you will need to make arrangements regarding your final wishes. Not only is it difficult to consider one’s own eventual passing, but it can also be especially challenging when making decisions over identifying an executor to oversee your will. A lawyer can assist you in taking the proper steps towards creating your will and provide you with education regarding the role of the executor and the considerations that should be taken when identifying someone to assume this responsibility. Identifying an executor is an important step that you must take when creating your will. It’s vital that you have someone you can trust who can carry out your wishes in the way that you intended. Some helpful tips to bear in mind when choosing an executor include:

Tip #1 Choose a Responsible Party

When considering your available options, keep in mind that you should choose someone who is responsible enough to manage your estate. You will want an executor to be proactive and efficient in taking the proper steps towards resolving your estate as quickly as possible.

Tip #2 Someone Who Can Provide a Balanced Perspective

An executor should have the ability to act within your best interests. This provides the highest probability for them to carry out your wishes in the way you have outlined in your will. Being able to provide a balanced outlook when managing heirs can help to ensure that the process is fair, and in some cases, can mitigate conflict.

Tip #3 Can Appropriately Manage Conflict

When someone passes away, it’s only natural that emotions will be running high. People facing grief have the ability to behave irrationally. When this occurs, loved ones stand to create conflict within the family and the executor. This is especially true if the contents of the will are not what they expected. Being able to face and manage conflict is a skill set that may be helpful for an executor to have in order to properly resolve your estate, and your heirs.

Tip #4 Refrain from Naming an Older Person

When creating your will, you may not want to identify someone older as the executor. This is because the chances that they will have passed when your will goes into effect may be much higher.

Tip #5 Always Identify a Backup (or two)

Once you have identified a willing and appropriate person to manage your will after you pass, it’s also vital that you provide a backup person. This will be useful in the event that the original party is no longer able or available to assume the role of your executor.

Don’t put all of the planning you have put into place at risk by identifying a party who is not prepared to take on this great responsibility. An executor carries significant weight. This is not a decision to be taken lightly. Contact a will lawyer Sacramento offers today for help in executing your will and properly identifying the executor who will oversee your estate.

Thanks to Yee Law Group for their insight into estate planning and tips for choosing an executor.

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