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May 18, 2022

The 5 Most Common Personal Injury Cases

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A personal injury case is when someone suffers from harm or injury due to another party’s negligence, carelessness, or recklessness. A successful personal injury case will prove that such an injury or accident was caused by the other party and that they’re legally and often financially responsible for the victim’s damages.

While all personal injury lawsuits have many of the same elements, there is a wide spectrum of what might be constituted as a personal injury. Most of the time a personal injury case is typically tied back to a single individual. However, other times a company or government entity might be at fault. We’ll be exploring the five most common personal injury cases.

  1. Car Crashes

Car crashes are one of the most common personal injury cases. The total number of car crashes every year in the United States is typically around six million. While not all of these crashes are fatal and some are caused by factors outside either driver’s control — such as bad weather conditions — many of these car crashes can be directly tied to a driver’s negligence or recklessness. As modern cars are becoming safer, a car crash can still cause temporary as well as long-lasting injuries.

  1. Slipping and Falling

Sometimes it’s a joke in cartoons and sitcoms where a character will intentionally slip and fall on a wet floor, exaggerate their injuries, and sue the store. However, slipping and falling on private property can be a great concern, and it’s the private property’s owner’s responsibility to ensure their property is a safe environment. A simple slip and fall may just result in a couple of bruises, but it can also lead to long-lasting injuries as well.

  1. Product Liability

Every business has a responsibility to ensure their products are safe and are often held to both state and federal regulations. A defective product may cause anything from immediate injuries or prolonged sickness. If a company knowingly releases or keeps a defective product out on the market then it might face punitive damages as well as economic and non-economic damages.

Economic and non-economic damages are the two major forms of compensation following a personal injury lawsuit. These two forms of compensation are to help victims feel whole. Punitive damages, however, are used to punish the other party, deter any future actions, and sometimes even used to deter similar parties.

  1. Medical Malpractice

Healthcare physicians are held to a high standard and exercising negligence may lead to medical malpractice lawsuits. While there are always risks in healthcare, medical malpractice typically refers to when a healthcare physician has broken a rule, administered improper treatment, or was negligent.

  1. Wrongful Death

Sometimes a personal injury might end up taking someone’s life. Whether it’s a slip and fall accident, a construction accident, a car crash, medical malpractice, etc., when someone dies due to factors that another party could have otherwise prevented then it might be wrongful death and the victim’s family is entitled to compensation.

When dealing with wrongful death or any other personal injury cases, talking to a personal injury lawyer in Milwaukee, WI, is your best bet. At Hickey & Turim, SC we have personal injury lawyers ready to assist!

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