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October 22, 2017

Slip and Fall Injuries – Chiropractic Coverage

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Slip and fall accidents are not uncommon in the personal injury field. One reason why they are so prevalent is the potential to slip and fall anywhere. A variety factors can lead to an accident:

  1. Improperly marked wet floors
  2. Broken flooring
  3. Insufficiently constructed stairs

Once you have sustained an injury due to a slip and fall, it may be fitting to pursue a legal claim. If you’re wondering whether or not it may be appropriate, ask yourself if the physical injuries you incurred are the result of a negligent landowner. If they are, you may be eligible for financial compensation.

Inquiring Compensation for Damages

When attempting to determine whether or not your medical expenses are relevant to your accident, and therefore eligible to be recovered, it is paramount that you provide the bill. The medical bill should describe in detail expenses that were involved in treating your injuries. Your chiropractor should include all the documentation from your visit within or along with the bill. The treatment must be recorded to verify the necessity of the chiropractic care.  If these documents are not provided it can be detrimental to the case resulting in denied compensation.

Chiropractic Treatment

It may prove beneficial to pursue the aid of a professional chiropractor. Slips and fall may result in soft tissue injury; which occurs when tendons and/or muscles are damaged because of a strain. Experienced chiropractors are available to tend to these types of injuries. Depending on the treatment required, a chiropractor Gaithersburg MD can count on can relieve pain sustained by an accident.

Medical documentation observing your injuries and treatment provided by your chiropractor may be helpful information for your claim. The chiropractor should provide documentation to include the treatment received as well as your mental and physical response to the treatment. By utilizing your medical records you can greatly influence the outcome of your slip and fall case.  

It’s vital to fully recover from your slip and fall injury before a settlement is reached. The majority of slip and fall cases are settled instead of taken to trial. Because of this, added expenses for the injuries post settlement won’t be eligible for compensation; resulting in any additional medical attention to be your own financial responsibility. Therefore, be certain the injuries sustained from the slip and fall are healed and then proceed with settlement. Chiropractic care is accepted as a medical form of treatment when pertaining to injury cases. An attorney experienced in personal injury could be beneficial in the circumstance that you wish to file a claim to financially cover your chiropractic treatment.

Thanks to our friends and contributors from Pain and Arthritis Relief Center for their insight into chiropractic care.

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