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August 01, 2019

Runner’s Knee: Personal Injury

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When a person suffer pain around the kneecap that is not caused by a traumatic event, it is often referred to as runner’s knee. This is because one of the most common causes of runner’s knee is running. However, there are also other physical activities that can cause a person to suffer this pain, such as cycling and even walking. Middle-aged women and people who are overweight often develop runner’s knee. The condition usually develops slowly over time.

One of the most common symptoms of runner’s knee is a constant, dull pain around the kneecap. Activities such as kneeling, running, sitting, squatting, and walking often are painful because of the condition.

So, what causes runner’s knee. As a knee pain doctor can explain, any irritation of the lining or soft tissues of the knee, worn cartilage, or strained tendons can develop into runner’s knee. Other issues which can also contribute to the condition include arthritis, dislocation of the kneecap, failure to stretch before exercising, flat feet, overuse, or trauma to the knee.

How Is Runner’s Knee Treated?

Treating runner’s knee does not require any drastic or invasive treatment plans. If your knee pain doctor determines that you are suffering from runner’s knee, the first step is to stop doing any activities that will hurt the knee until all pain is gone. It is also recommended that runner knee pain sufferers use the RICE method:

  • Rest: Rest the knee as much as possible, avoid doing any high impact activities or running as long as you have pain.
  • Ice: Place ice packs on the knee to reduce swelling.
  • Compress: Wear a knee sleeve or wrap an ace bandage around your knee for compression.
  • Elevate: Lie down while keeping your knee elevated above your heart.

It is also important to modify all of your activity. If it does not cause pain, you can participate in low impact activity as long as you do not feel pain while you are doing the activity. Your knee pain doctor will also provide you with exercises that will help strengthen your thigh muscles.  

How Can I Prevent Runner’s Knee?

Runner’s knee is easily preventable. In order to minimize your risk, a knee pain doctor suggests you follow these tips:

  • Maintain a healthy weight. Remember that the more you weigh, the more stress you are putting on your knees.
  • Make sure to stretch and warm up before engaging in any physical activity that will involve using your knees.
  • If you are a runner, make sure to use the proper running gear. It is important to invest in a good pair of running shoes that will provide strong support and comfort.

If you are struggling with knee pain, contact a chiropractor to meet with a knee pain doctor. They will evaluate your condition and come up with the proper treatment plan to help you reach a pain-free life once again!

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