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February 12, 2022

Returning to Work After Workers’ Compensation

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The intention of workers’ compensation programs is to offer a resource for injured employees who need medical care and financial loss coverage. The purpose is to return the worker back to the health they had before, or as close to it as possible. Once a worker is feeling well enough to return to work with modifications, they are likely going to be encouraged to do so by the doctor and employer. However, a worker should not force themselves to get back to work before their body is ready, as this can lead to a worsened condition.

What if you can’t perform the same job as before?

Depending on the injury type and severity, some workers may not be able to perform the same duties they had prior to the injury accident. It is important to create a plan for getting back to work with an employer and treating physicians. An employer must provide accommodations, within reason, for those who need it in order to make the job manageable. 

What if your new role pays less than before?

If you cannot accomplish the same job duties you had prior to the injury incident, your employer can reassign you to alternative work or limited duty, as a way to gently ease back into the workplace while preventing further injury. But, if you are offered a new role that pays much less, you may still be approved for some coverage under workers’ comp benefits.

What if your employer refused to rehire you?

Some states do not impose a requirement for employers to keep a job open or create another suitable one while the injured employee recovers or upon returning back to work. When appropriate employment is available and you can do the work provided, then an employer should offer it once the worker is ready. If you suspect your employer refused to rehire you wrongfully, then you may be eligible to compensation.

The transition from healing at home to getting back into work can be a clunky one. As a workers compensation lawyer in Waukesha, WI from Hickey & Turim, S.C may tell potential clients, your employer should take steps to reasonably accommodate you, but if they don’t, it may warrant contacting us for assistance. 

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