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April 15, 2019

Receiving Workers’ Compensation While Volunteering

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Volunteers are the essential good people who keep communities running. They help at homeless shelters, food pantries, retirement homes, hospitals, schools and other establishments that truly care about individuals. Unfortunately, volunteers aren’t exempt from injury and could sustain one while serving the community. Are they entitled to workers’ compensation? Not typically.

Workers’ Compensation Is for Paid Employees

Because volunteers aren’t paid employees, they aren’t entitled to workers’ compensation. This benefit is to cover medical costs and lost wages should an employee get injured on the job. Even if a business owner really wants to help after an injury, because volunteers don’t have any wages to lose and aren’t the responsibility of the company, they don’t get the benefit of compensation.

A Couple Exceptions for Volunteers

Differing from state to state, there are a couple of exceptions in which volunteers could possibly receive compensation for an injury sustained while serving. Keep in mind that if you signed a waiver of liability, that would make compensation void all together.

  1. Perks – A perk could be considered free food, prizes for volunteer hours, a place to live and other benefits. Some cases might consider perks for volunteers a form of payment, thus making them a sort of employee and eligible for compensation.
  2. Interns – Volunteers such as students and interns could also be granted workers’ compensation benefits because they are “paid” for their service with experience and knowledge. It might be a stretch, but your workers’ compensation lawyer may be able to pull it off.

If neither of these situations pertains to you, there might still be a case for personal injury, so make sure to pursue every option available to you.

What You Should Do After an Injury

As a volunteer, you often think of everyone else before you think of yourself, but if you are injured on the “job,” it’s important you seek medical attention immediately. After proper medical care, the next step should be contacting a workers’ compensation lawyer. Discussing your injury with a lawyer can give you a better idea of whether or not you can file a claim and receive compensation. After your case is over, reevaluate the type of volunteer work you do to see if maybe you’re a better fit somewhere else where you won’t become injured again.

Contact a Lawyer Today

For help with your volunteering injury case, contact workers compensation lawyers in Milwaukee, WI today. With legal help on your side, it should be easier to obtain the monetary compensation you deserve after an injury you didn’t deserve.

Contact Hickey & Turim, SC for their insight into workers compensation claims and injuries that occur while volunteering.

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