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January 29, 2024

Lyft Driver Background Checks And Negligent Hiring Claims

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As ridesharing services like Lyft become integral to modern transportation, the safety of passengers relies heavily on the thoroughness of driver background checks. In the unfortunate event of an accident or incident involving a Lyft driver, understanding the potential for negligent hiring claims due to insufficient background checks becomes crucial. Our friends at The Eskesen Law Firm explain how a Lyft accident lawyer can name Lyft as a defendant in your claim, in addition to the rideshare driver who hit you.

The Importance Of Lyft Driver Background Checks

Lyft, like other rideshare companies, is responsible for the safety of its passengers. To fulfill this responsibility, Lyft conducts background checks on all potential drivers. These checks typically include criminal history, driving record, and other relevant information to ensure that individuals with concerning backgrounds are not allowed to become Lyft drivers.

Components Of Lyft Driver Background Checks

Lyft’s background checks involve several components to assess the suitability of a driver:

  • Criminal Background Check: This typically includes a review of national and county-level criminal databases to identify any past convictions.
  • Driving Record Check: Lyft assesses a candidate’s driving history, looking for violations, accidents, or other red flags that may pose a risk to passengers.
  • Identity Verification: Ensures that the individual applying to become a Lyft driver is who they claim to be.

Negligent Hiring And Its Legal Implications

Negligent hiring claims can arise when a rideshare company, such as Lyft, fails to exercise reasonable care in hiring drivers, resulting in harm to passengers or others. If Lyft does not conduct thorough background checks or hires a driver with a history of violence, criminal activity, or unsafe driving practices, the company may be held liable for any harm caused by the driver.

Establishing Negligence In Hiring Claims

To establish a claim of negligent hiring, the injured party must typically demonstrate the following elements:

  • Lyft had a duty to exercise reasonable care in hiring drivers.
  • Lyft breached that duty by either failing to conduct a proper background check or hiring a driver despite concerning findings.
  • The breach of duty was a direct cause of the harm suffered by the plaintiff.

Criminal Acts And Negligent Hiring:

If a Lyft driver with a criminal history commits a criminal act against a passenger or another party, the potential for a negligent hiring claim increases. Lyft’s duty to screen out drivers with violent or criminal tendencies becomes a focal point in such cases.

The Role Of Legal Professionals

For individuals who have suffered harm due to the actions of a Lyft driver, seeking legal counsel is essential. Experienced personal injury lawyers focusing on rideshare cases can assess the details of the incident, investigate Lyft’s hiring practices, and determine the viability of a negligent hiring claim.

The safety of Lyft passengers hinges on the efficacy of driver background checks and Lyft’s commitment to preventing the hiring of individuals with histories that pose a risk. Negligent hiring claims permit those who have been harmed by an Lyft driver to pursue compensation for damages suffered because of Lyft’s failure to exercise reasonable care in the hiring process.

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