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July 07, 2022

Injured Maritime Worker?

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Learn About Your Rights From A Jones Act Lawyer

Although Jones Act lawyers have a unique perspective of your work on a ship, tug, barge, oil rig or other type of water vessel, you know — better than any of us — how physically demanding it can be and what a rigorous effort it requires. Slippery surfaces and heavy machinery further complicate your work environment, and often lead to serious injuries. Working in these treacherous conditions entitles you to important safety precautions that are specifically designed to protect you from harm.

Yet, if you’re injured while working in such a demanding environment, you may just assume that it’s par for the course. After all, you’re keenly aware of how hazardous it is to perform this type of work. And, since it may be no surprise to you when an injury occurs, it also might not surprise you when your employer requests that you provide a formal statement, or tells you to visit its preferred physician, or pressures you to return to work sooner than you are able.
What may surprise you is to discover that the reason your employer requests a statement, recommends its own physician, and pressures you to return to work early, does so in an effort to protect itself against liability — not to protect you. Knowing your rights under the Jones Act is an essential step toward protecting yourself, your family, and your future from both physical and financial risk.

The Jones Act is designed to protect you from injuries and the financial risk they impose while working offshore. You are entitled to appropriate medical care for your injuries, and appropriate compensation in order to avoid financial collapse while you heal. The Jones Act also ensures that you return to work only when you are physically able to do so.

Our Jones Act lawyers have represented injured maritime workers throughout the United States, and we’ve seen our fair share of exactly what employees suffer through after an injury. We’re also familiar with the many questions you face about what to do after an injury:

How will you take care of your family while you’re out of work?
What do you do about your medical bills?
What if your injury requires long-term medical care?
When is it safe for you to return to work?
Will you be fired if you enforce your rights by hiring a Jones Act lawyer?

These are just a few of the important questions you face after a maritime injury. And, we want you to have all the answers you need. If you’ve been injured and are struggling with these issues, you can contact our experienced Jones Act attorneys for immediate assistance. We will answer your questions and help you understand your rights.
One of your important rights under the Jones Act is to receive maintenance and to procure payments immediately after you are injured. Your employer is required to begin making these payments to you after your injury. “Maintenance” payments cover your expenses on land while you recover, and “cure” payments cover the costs you incur to recover from your injuries. In addition to maintenance and cure payments, you are entitled to seek compensation for lost wages, medical expenses, and pain and suffering, as the lawyers at Champions for the Injured | SL Chapman, LLC can explain.

To learn more about your rights and benefits under the Jones Act, speak with a qualified maritime injuries Jones Act attorney. They will understand the law and will try to protect your rights, to get the fair compensation you need in order to heal properly and safeguard your future.

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