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June 21, 2019

Driving in a Construction Zone

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Construction zones are hotbeds for accidents. In some states, if you hit a worker, you can be fined or put in prison for negligence. You could also have your car damaged in an accident. Help everyone get home safely by following these safety tips for driving through construction zones.

  1. Slow down.
    Don’t go faster than the posted speed signs. In some cases, you may even want to go slower. Pay attention to your surroundings and drive accordingly.
  2. Be patient.
    Construction crews are there to improve the road. Unfortunately, their work may be inconvenient. Try to plan ahead and leave early, if you know you’ll be going through a construction zone. If not, just be patient while traffic goes through.
  3. Expect the unexpected.
    You have to be alert in construction zones. Watch for people and equipment that could be close to your vehicle. You may get detoured. Expect delays.
  4. Comply with flaggers in the zone.
    The flagger has a lot of authority in a construction zone. Watch to make sure you follow his or her directions, because you could get a ticket for disobedience. Plus, you put yourself at risk for an accident.
  5. Merge early and “take 10” to change lanes.
    When you see “lane closed” signs, merge as early as possible. In some states, it’s illegal to zoom up to the last sign and barge in. If you do need to merge in heavy traffic, put your turn signal on for at least three seconds before you merge over. Then take at least seven seconds to make the change.
  6. Keep a safe distance.
    Allow extra distance between you and the car in front of you. Drive defensively, putting space between your car and traffic barriers.
  7. Focus on your driving.
    In some states, it’s illegal to use your cell phone in any way through a construction zone, even hands-free. Cell phones aren’t the only distraction that can cause an accident. Avoid eating or drinking in a construction zone. Limit conversations.
  8. Obey signs until you’ve left the construction zone.
    Just because you don’t see workers, doesn’t mean they aren’t there. Until you see signs that the construction zone has ended, drive safely.

Drive Defensively to Get Home Safe

The most important thing when you’re out on the road is that you get home safely. If you do have an accident in a construction zone, you may want to talk to an attorney to recover damages.

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