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February 20, 2019

Could My Baby’s Birth Injury Been Prevented?

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Birth Injury Attorney

Parents who find out that their baby has come into this world with bruises, cuts, and other injuries, may face profound devastation that is difficult to understand. They may wonder what could have happened that caused these physical wounds. Sadly, in many cases it was the doctor, nurse, or other medical staff that had done something wrong, which had inflicted these marks. Parents who want to know what they can do to take action for the wrongdoing, can meet with an attorney for assistance.

It is important to us that parents understand they do not have to accept this without a fight. As a matter of fact, many parents may be entitled to financial compensation for the birth injury, but just don’t know it. We encourage you to contact us immediately if your baby sustained a questionable birth injury or wound.

Preventable Birth Injuries

Unfortunately, a large number of birth injuries are preventable, if only the medical personnel had taken the precautions they were supposed to either before, during, or after delivery. Doctors and nurses are to provide a level of care that is of a certain standard within the medical community. If they deviate from this norm, tragic mistakes can happen that can affect the health of mother and child.

There are several types of medical errors that could have been avoided, and are the leading causes for most birth injuries. If you believe any of the following applied to your circumstances, please contact an attorney without hesitation:

  • Delayed cesarean section
  • Misdiagnosis of mother or fetus
  • Improper use of tools to assist with birth
  • Failing to identify and respond to fetal distress
  • Incorrect or inaccurate administration of medication
  • Complications with umbilical cord

The Health of Your Newborn

If you observe something isn’t right with your newborn, don’t second guess yourself and take him or her to the doctor quickly. If you are still in the delivery room and see peculiar bruises or scrapes, inquire about these marks with the medical staff to ensure a deeper injury wasn’t caused. If you aren’t getting a straight forward answer or the staff is acting suspiciously, you may need to obtain legal counsel. Photograph superficial skin wounds as evidence, and then consult with an attorney for advice.

Doctors and medical personnel usually understand just how important it is to not make an error when it comes to treating patients, and may do whatever they can to elude responsibility. Some medical facilities may even sneakily destroy or lose medical documents that reflect how an error was committed.

We recommend contacting a birth injury attorney for a no-obligation consultation before reaching out to the hospital to file a complaint. They can implement strategy to help you get the results you are hoping for. They are here to support as you fight for justice and compensation for the terrible mistake.

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