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January 21, 2020

Common Motorcycle Accident Injuries

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Motorcycle accidents can wreak more havoc on the body than car accidents. Considering the amount of damage that can occur when motorcycle riders sustain accident-related injuries, riders may need extended recovery time and financial support during that period. When a lengthy recovery is necessary, medical expenses and debt from lost wages can build up. It’s challenging to focus on your recovery when you don’t know how you are going to feed your family.

Fortunately, an experienced and accomplished motorcycle accident lawyer, like a motorcycle accident lawyer in Memphis, TN, can step in and advocate for you. An attorney needs to be prepared to go the extra mile to make sure that you obtain the compensation you need to recover from your damages fully. Many different injuries can come from motorcycle accidents; some of them can be severe and even life-threatening.  

Injuries Sustained in Motorcycle Accidents

► Head and brain injuries

When a rider is thrown from the bike, his or her head can easily hit the ground or the pavement. The jolt or blow to the head can jostle the brain around in the skull, even if the rider is wearing a helmet. This can cause swelling or bleeding in the brain, which is a very dangerous and potentially life-threatening condition. Head and brain injuries need immediate medical attention and diligent monitoring throughout recovery.

► Broken bones

Broken arms, legs, shoulder displacements, pelvic fractures, and more are often seen in motorcycle accidents. These and other bone breaks and fractures can lead to permanent disability or even paralysis. Additionally, toes can be easily broken or require amputation as a result of a motorcycle crash.

► Road rash

Road rash is a frightening and extremely painful injury. The skin on the body slides across the pavement, gravel, or another surface, causing a friction injury called road rash. Road rash is not life-threatening. However, riders who experience it report that it is an excruciatingly painful type of injury. If it is severe enough, the injury can expose nerves, muscle tissue, or even bones. Long term, there is the possibility of infection or permanent nerve damage.

► Paralysis or damaged nerves

A fall off a motorcycle during an accident can cause nerve damage that impacts the arm (biker’s arm), spine, or other parts of the body. Damaged nerves are challenging to heal, and paralysis is nearly impossible, particularly if there is significant damage to the spinal cord.

► Permanent disfigurement or death
Many motorcyclists sustain blows to the face during collisions. This can lead to the rider being permanently disfigured. Furthermore, not all riders recover from motorcycle accidents. Permanent disability, disfigurement, or even death can result.

Proper personal protective equipment can go a long way toward reducing the injuries listed here. If you were in an accident and sustained a severe or extensive injury as a result of someone else’s negligence or carelessness, a motorcycle accident lawyer, like a motorcycle accident lawyer in Memphis, TN, can help you recover damages so you can get back on your feet and upon your bike again. Reach out to schedule a case review today.

Thanks to Patterson Bray, for their insight into some of the most common motorcycle accident injuries. 

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