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December 29, 2021

Common examples of Medicare fraud

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Medicare Fraud Lawyer in San Francisco CA

Medicare is a federal health program which is intended to make medical care and prescription drugs more for for long-term Social Security disability recipients and people who are age 65 and older, and while this program is a vital program that millions of Americans depend on, there are a lot of fraud going on in this program in a Medicare fraud lawyer in San Francisco CA can help you understand what to do if you’re accused of fraud, or if you’ve reported fraud and are in trouble for reporting that fraud.

Some common examples of Medicare fraud are listed below. This is not an exhaustive list and is purely for educational purposes to help you recognize Medicare fraud if you come in contact with it or think you might be performing Medicare fraud.

  • Over billing for services as an illegal practice to hospitals and other health organizations may do. This means that they may charge you twice for a service or procedure that you only receive once.
  • Billing for services that were not provided which is also known as Phantom billing is another very common example of fraud. Oftentimes this occurs in hospitals where they are billing you for services that you did not receive it all, usually small things such as an extra heart monitor or x-ray, that can slip under the radar like that.
  • Manipulating billing codes is up coding is going to occur when a hospital or healthcare organization alters a diagnosis or treatment to receive higher reimbursement from your insurance. This is especially seen with Medicare because it is used for people who have a lot of health problems as they are disabled or elderly.
  • Physician kickbacks are when a healthcare provider is accepting payments or making payments for referring, recommendation or arranging for medications that somebody may not need, or a medication that may not be the best one for this person, but they are making it because they receive money for doing so. This is especially seen with new medications on the market, such as pillows and even inhalers.
  • Billing for unnecessary services when a healthcare organization bills you for services or procedures that you did not need, and actually performs the procedures. This could mean that you could receive unnecessary stamp plants, you could receive unnecessary colonoscopies and more.

If you think that you are the recipient of Medicare fraud you should reach out to a Medicare fraud lawyer in San Francisco CA such as the ones available at the Morales Law Firm to ensure that things are taken care of and that your Medicare is not being fraudulently used. This will protect you in the long run because it will not overcharge your Medicare, but it will also ensure that you are not undergoing unnecessary risk by going to a doctor that is fraudulently giving you those that you do not need, or billing you for necessary services and doing the services, and more.

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