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February 14, 2019

Car Accidents: How to Know if a Witness is Credible

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Car Accident Lawyer

When an accident happens, there is often one driver who had done something unsafe which caused the collision to occur. In the aftermath of a car accident, it is up to the innocent driver to bring forward evidence that shows the other driver was responsible. Evidence can be things like photographs, a police report, medical bills and witness statements. Many people forget just how impactful a witness statement can be, but only if it is reliable and honest.

Victims of car accidents may sue the driver at-fault for the wreck, in order to seek compensation for losses and damages. The victim may have suffered painful and costly injuries, that had to be paid for out of pocket. It isn’t fair that a person was hurt due to another driver being reckless on the road. A lawyer can help you seek justice for the incident, and help advise you on which witnesses can be most useful to your lawsuit.

Using Witness Testimony as Evidence

Depending on the circumstances of the trial, it may not be enough to present the witness testimony through a written statement. In many cases, in order to use the witness testimony as evidence for your lawsuit, the person must be called to the stand where he or she swears to tell only the truth. Then both sides of the case have an opportunity to ask him or her questions.

The Ultimate Say Regarding Credibility

It may be either a single judge or a panel of jury who ultimately decide whether the witnesses are credible, and how much weight should be given to their statements. A lawyer can argue for or against the credibility of a witness as evidence is being shared. It is important that you only use a witness if he or she can support your case. If you have a witness that discredits an aspect of your story, this may end up benefiting the other side instead.

Witness Discrepancy

It is possible that two witnesses saw the same accident happen, but have totally different stories. While this can make the case even more confusing for the judge or jury, it doesn’t mean these witnesses are lying. How a person interprets an incident can be influenced by their background, personality, and perspective.

When Witness Testimony Changes

A major red flag that a witness is probably not reliable, is if he or she has different answers to the same questions. A lawyer may speak with a witness a few times, to check that the version of the story hasn’t changed. If they are concerned that a witness could lessen your chances of being awarded fair compensation, they may suggest throwing out their testimony altogether.

Please call a car accident lawyer Wytheville, VA offers today to talk in further depth with about your car accident. They understand how a serious accident can flip a person’s life completely upside down and want to help set things right. We highly encourage you obtain legal representation before things progress further. Do not hesitate to call.

Thank you to our friends and contributors at The Law Offices of Mark T. Hurt for their insight into personal injury cases and credible witnesses for car accidents.

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