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April 11, 2017

Things Your Insurance Company May Use Against You in Court

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insuranceIf you have been in a car accident recently, it is important that you are aware of certain things the insurance company can use against you. If you are a plaintiff, don’t kid yourself with thinking that you are going to win for sure; there are plenty of things that can hurt your case. A lot of insurance companies will use anything they can to defeat your case. Here are some of the things that insurance companies take advantage of:

Be Careful of What You Post on Social Media

You may not be aware of what exactly is available to the public on social media platforms. The insurance company will comb through it all to thwart your claim in court. For instance, if you claim you have had a car accident and broke your leg, but after the accident you post a picture or a status of how you went hiking, it can be used against you in court.


is a bad idea. Insurance fraud is a crime in every state. Stick to the bare truth. If you use somebody else’s insurance policy, it can lead to voiding out claims altogether. Even if you made an honest mistake, the insurance company will fight in court to show it as an attempted crime.

Did you Attend All Medical Appointments?

One of the first things you should do is to seek medical help for any injury you may have sustained. Do this immediately; otherwise it gives the impression that your injuries were never as serious as you claim. If you have a record of missing medical appointments it shows that your health is of no concern to you or that you don’t really need any medical assistance.

Getting Rid of Evidence

Sure, you won’t think twice before you discard the cast you no longer need, and the pill bottles you are done with, but these are evidence. If you cannot produce evidence in court to support your claim, the insurance company can easily make it seem like you are trying to hide evidence or are lying about something which the evidence would have revealed.

Always Gather the Right Documents

Other than seeking immediate medical help, you must also collect the appropriate documents like medical and police reports. These are crucial for strengthening your case, and without them, it’s just your word against theirs; which may not be that helpful in court.

Always hire an attorney who can anticipate problems before they occur in court. You may feel that an insurance investigator can be trusted, but you should not be taking chances. Hire an insurance lawyer who can walk you through what is okay to do and what is not, so that you increase your chances of winning your case in court.

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