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December 12, 2019

The Injuries You Get From A Truck Accident

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Truck Accident

Sustaining any kind of injury from a truck accident can be terrifying. When you feel the pain after an accident, you may be wondering if it is something that will take longer to heal or if a doctor can mend you and get you on your way. Unfortunately, semi accident attorneys see this very often with their clients and know that one of the most common injuries you can sustain from a truck accident is one or more broken bones. In fact, when you are in any type of truck accident, it is very rare that you would not sustain any injuries at all. While you can get broken bones doing many activities, you may find that this is only one of the injuries you get from a truck accident.

Is a broken bone even that bad?

It is true that a broken bone is not an uncommon injury. You can get it from slipping and falling in the store, tripping over a sidewalk, or even just tripping over untied shoelaces. However, it is possible to have different severities of bone injuries and you may have something more minor — such as a hairline fracture — or your bone could be completely crushed. Regardless of what type of injury you have, you should call a semi accident lawyer for help.

Why should you call an attorney?

You may be wondering if it is worth getting a truck accident attorney to represent you for a broken bone. It absolutely is. In fact, the truck driver’s insurance agent may already have called you to settle this claim quickly. However, such offers can be deceiving because the other driver’s insurance agent is out to get the lowest number they can so they can save money, even if they do seem genuine in their intentions. This can benefit you in the short run if you need to pay a bill quickly, but in the long run, you may see that you do not get nearly as much compensation as you need for your medical treatment.

Types of Damages

When you work with an attorney, he or she will try to get you compensation for different damages because of some of the losses you experienced due to the accident and subsequent broken bones. These may include:

  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • Pain and suffering
  • Medical bills (surgery, checkups, medication)
  • Physical therapy
  • Transportation costs

You should never sell yourself short when it comes to receiving damages for an injury that someone else caused. A good attorney will care about working hard to get you the compensation you deserve for this accident.

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