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December 26, 2020

The Following Are Some Reasons To Resolve a Divorce

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Divorce Lawyer

If you’re done with your marriage, you might be itching to have the divorce resolved. Unfortunately, it’s not often a quick process. Why does it take so long? The following are some reasons you might have to wait a while for your divorce to be finalized, as an attorney, can explain.

When a couple is getting divorced, it’s not always amicable. Perhaps the main reason divorce proceedings take so long is that the couple can’t stop arguing. They can’t agree on what to do with the house. They can’t agree on what to do with the kids. One gets angry when the other makes a recommendation and one chooses to do something that is aggravating to the other. It’s a silly game that may be subconscious because emotions are so high. If you want your divorce to be resolved more quickly, you might decide to remain calm and be reasonable about every issue.

The Court System
There may be some legal steps that make your divorce take longer. For example, there are some states that require you wait a certain period of time before you can finalize the divorce. This time is called a “cooling off” period. It is intended for couples to come to their senses so they’re not just getting divorced in the heat of the moment. There are also some court rules that may prolong your case. There are deadlines, filing dates, hearing dates and other particulars that each take a certain period of time.

Your Lawyer
Every divorce lawyer does things a little differently than the next. One might be very nitpicky about the details in your divorce complaint. Another might delve deep into the evidence to provide proof in a fault state. There’s also the chance it’s taking your divorce lawyer a little longer to complete the process because you have so much involved in your marriage and the lawyer has to go through it all. The simpler your divorce, the less amount of time your lawyer will have to work on it.

If you have only been married a short period of time and you kept all your finances separate from your spouse’s, it might be quick and easy to figure out your financial situation. If you’ve been married for decades, have bought and sold many properties, have invested your marital money, and have many assets, it could be much more complicated, and will take a lot longer to come to an agreement.

Contact Your Lawyer
When you’re facing a divorce, you might wonder how long it’s going to take. It really depends on a variety of factors, including those mentioned previously. Contact an experienced divorce lawyer to discuss how long your divorce might take.

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