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October 18, 2019

Should I Go to Traffic Court?

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It’s an unfortunate fact that if you stay on the road long enough, you’re bound to get a traffic ticket. The natural inclination can be to pay any associated fines and be done with the matter. But there are other times when you should opt to go to court with an experienced traffic ticket attorney. While few people want to get jammed up in traffic court, taking the time to appear before a judge can save you money and points on your license. So before you pay that traffic citation off, learn about some of the circumstances when traffic court may be a better option. Do any of them match your scenario?

You Have Fixed the Offense

If you got a ticket but can fix the problem by the time of any court hearing, going to traffic court is a good idea. A judge is likely to immediately dismiss the ticket and any potential fines or other consequences. An example is in the state of Georgia, where if you are cited for texting while driving, the ticket is usually dismissed if it’s a first offense and you can prove you have installed a hands-free phone device in your car.

You Could Get Points On Your License

Offenses that can add points to your license are always worth going to traffic court for. Such citations are primarily moving violations like speeding or failure to yield. States operate with a point system that assigns points to violations. Get enough points and you can face license suspension – not to mention high insurance premiums. A judge may reduce the citation to something that doesn’t involve points, however, so going to court is worth the effort.

It’s a Mandatory Appearance

Some citations require a court appearance. These can include minor issues or serious infractions like driving while intoxicated.  If you have such a citation, it will say so on your ticket. Never skip your traffic court hearing. Doing so could result in a bench warrant and even an arrest. If you are going to miss your court date due to work or travel, simply call to reschedule. And if you are facing a drunk driving charge, it’s critical that you show up with an experienced DWI lawyer.

Traffic court hearings are generally straightforward. Expect to appear in front of a judge briefly, answer a few questions and get a fast conclusion. This at-times necessary evil can take a little time out of your day but save you big in the end.

Thank you to the experts at the Law Offices of Mark T. Hurt for their input on traffic ticket law.

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