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October 14, 2015

Scott Walker Wants to Destroy What’s Left of American Unions

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Walker’s Plans to Weaken American Labor Unions

“Scott Walker wants to destroy what’s left of America’s unions,” a September 14th Slate Magazine article says. “Walker’s labor plan is a national version of the strategy he used to break unions in Wisconsin.”

How does this affect Worker’s Compensation in Wisconsin?

Labor unions provide support for employees who are injured at work, and often help to promote safety and job security. Unions can also track workplace accidents and offer suggestions to lower the number of accidents that occur.

Typically when an employee is injured, a union representative will guide them through the worker’s comp process – from arranging fast medical care to assisting in finding an attorney, if necessary.

“For the American people”

While Walker claims he wants to “put the American people back in charge of our government,” his plan actually underlines his commitment to conservative economics, and the interests of employers and large corporations. “It’s a direct attack and effort to abridge workers’ rights that have been longstanding for over 100 years,” said David Turim.

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