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April 15, 2012

John T. vs Potawatomi

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Case Study:

John worked as a janitor at Potawatomi for nearly 2 years. One day someone spilled some water on the floor directly outside his office. Not knowing that there had been a spill, John slipped on the water and fell on his right knee. He yelled for help and eventually got assistance from a co-worker.

John did not go to the doctor following the fall. It didn’t hurt that bad and he felt that he could “tough it out.” A few days later, John’s knee had swelled up. He went to the doctor and was told that he needed an MRI. Once the test results came back, the doctor told John that he tore his ACL.

The next day John called in to work and told them that he would not be able to come in. He explained that he had slipped on some water a few days earlier and fell on his knee. Potawatomi asked him why he didn’t report the injury the day it happened. John said that he didn’t think it was a big deal and needed to keep working to support his family.

Potawatomi disagreed with John and said that they were not going to pay him any benefits. They said that if he didn’t report to work that day, he would be terminated. John didn’t want to lose his job, but there was no way that he could return to work with a torn ACL.

How we helped

John’s next phone call was to Hickey & Turim, S.C. After telling him his rights and agreeing to help him out with his case, John felt a lot better about the whole situation. Less than a year later, John received a hefty settlement offer from the Workers Compensation insurance company. He ultimately accepted the offer and was able to get on with his life.

If you (or someone you know) have gone through a similar situation, it is extremely important that you contact us immediately.

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