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June 27, 2019

Injured Inside a Rental Property

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Slip and Fall Lawyer Milwaukee, WI

Is a landlord responsible if you are renting an apartment or house and fall while inside your residence? Slip and fall accidents can be very difficult to prove because it relies heavily on liability. If you or your loved one has been injured at a rental property, it is important that you speak with an experienced personal injury lawyer in the [location] area. The dedicated team at [company name] understand the complexities of these personal injury cases and will fight for you to be compensated fairly for your pain and suffering. 

Negligence and Falls

To be able to win a slip and fall case, you will need to be able to show that the owner of the property was negligent in some way. The simple act of you falling on their property does not mean that the owner was negligent or that they should be held liable. The landlord would have had to caused or not prevented the condition that caused you to fall in some way. Another factor to consider is that just because the landlord’s property may not have been safe at one point, it does not automatically conclude that the landlord was negligent. In order to win a slip and fall case, you will need to be able to prove that the owner of the property knew or should have known that the grounds were not in a safe condition. By working with an experienced personal injury lawyer that the [location] area trusts, they will be able to work through your fall and determine if you have a case. 

Falling Inside Your Rental House or Apartment

Imagine you are living in your rental house or apartment and there is a leak in the ceiling. This leak starts small but grows and begins dripping on the floor and leaving a puddle. In the middle of the night, you get up to go to the kitchen and slip in the puddle causing yourself to fall. The main point in this case would be if the landlord knew or should have known that you had a leak in the first place. There are two different options:

If you did not notify the landlord, the landlord would not have known to act responsibly and reasonably and repair the leak. It would be very unlikely that the landlord would be found liable for your injuries in this situation. 

If you had told the landlord there was a leak and the landlord did not fix it and then you were injured, the landlord is most likely going to be found responsible for your injuries. Even still, it is important to note that slip and fall cases are very difficult to win. In a lot of instances, the juries tend to feel that people need to be more careful and pay attention to where they are going. A jury could easily feel that since you knew there was a leak, you should have been more cautious. 

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When you pay rent each month, it is implied that you should feel safe in your residence. If you have been injured due to the negligence of your landlord, you should speak with an experienced slip and fall lawyer in Milwaukee, WI from Hickey & Turim, SC. Call today to schedule an appointment.

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