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August 14, 2017

Highest-Risk Jobs For Injury In The U.S.

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Workplace accidents are very common; even just sitting in an office chair bears risks for repetitive strain injuries.  However, some jobs and industries do hold a higher risk of injury to their workers.  You should be aware of your rights as a worker, as well as your rights to workers’ compensation should anything happen to you.

Here are the top 7 jobs with the highest risk of injury:

  • Construction workers

Construction workers have a very high risk for injury due to their opportunity for falls from roofs, scaffolding, etc. as well as their frequent use of heavy machinery and dangerous tools.

  • Veterinarian/Animal Care Workers

Caring for animals means being around sick, and sometimes dangerous, ones very frequently.  Vets are also known to over-exert themselves and can be under a lot of emotional stress.

  • EMTs, Law Enforcement, Firefighters

Police and EMTs put themselves at grave risk every day.  Speeding to get to a scene, dealing with dangerous and sometimes violent crime, as well as fires and collapsing buildings, this one should come as no surprise.

  • Truckers

Being on the road constantly puts a serious strain on your body.  Injuries from sitting for so long are extremely common, not to mention the sleep deprivation most truckers experience.

  • Loggers/lumberjacks

Considered one of the most dangerous jobs, lumberjacks are around dangerous equipment, falling trees and debris, and usually out of cell phone range.

  • Office Workers

Back injuries in the office are one of the common workplace injuries there are, from lifting or lowering, as well as from sitting in a chair all day long.  Make sure you have good posture and bend using your legs for strength, rather than your back.

  • Healthcare Workers

Nurses, doctors, and other healthcare workers are at a large risk of injury due to constantly lifting and moving people around.  They’re also at risk for all the illnesses and diseases other people bring into the hospital.

All jobs carry a risk for injury, as accidents will always happen.  However, if you’re in a job with a higher risk of injury, you should stay alert and be aware of your rights should anything happen.

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