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September 16, 2022

Hazardous Roadways & Personal Injury

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If you are a native of a large city, then you know the stress of navigating crowded highways and the multitudes of people rushing about trying to get from one place to another. Driving on the road is a very trusting experience, since we trust that the roads are safe and free from hazards. In addition to the difficulty of anticipating other drivers’ movements, there is also the possibility that an on and off ramp might not be designed properly or that there could be a narrow shoulder. The conditions of the road can create a number of traumatic and sometimes fatal accidents because of a number of dangerous conditions.

As part of ensuring safe driving conditions, it is vital that the roadways are maintained in a proper manner. As an experienced personal injury lawyer from The Lynch Law Group explains, the cause of an accident can be attributed to one of a large number of potential dangerous conditions.

There are a number of conditions that can cause hazardous roadway accidents in which hazardous weather conditions are present.


Hard rain or snow on typically safe roads can suddenly become dangerous. Black ice or excessive downpours can also lead to hazardous roadways. When the weather turns bad, additional attention must be paid to clearing roadways and making them safe for motorists.

A poor state of maintenance

The governing body that is responsible for the roadway is obligated to keep it in a safe condition for drivers.

Poorly designed roads

It is very dangerous to drive on a road with limited visibility, sudden changes in elevation, or steep turnouts due to the lack of visibility. Roads that are particularly narrow may also lead to collisions.

Insufficient lighting

If there is insufficient lighting on a street or if there are lights that are not functioning properly, it could pose a serious danger to pedestrians and motorists alike.

Crosswalks that are in a dangerous location

There are some crosswalks that are located in a dangerous location. There are no indicators such as signs or flashing lights to show the presence of a crosswalk or to alert drivers that pedestrians are crossing at that location.

As an example of a dangerous intersection, those that lack stop signs, stop lights, or an adequate turn lane can be considered dangerous intersections.

Unsafe or lack of bike infrastructure

When bicyclists share the road with significantly larger vehicles, there is a real danger they face as a result of inadequate bike paths or lanes. There is a risk of bicyclists being placed in a dangerous situation if there are no bike lanes on the roads which are heavily traveled by cyclists.

In the event that you have recently been involved in an accident caused by poor road conditions, which may include mislabeled roadways, inadequate lighting, or any other situation that puts your safety at risk, you may need to contact an attorney who can help you with your claim. An attorney is a trained professional who is available at your convenience if you need to discuss your rights as a driver, as they are trained professionals. When it comes to taking the time to investigate what can be done, if anything, there is nothing wrong with taking the time to do so.

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