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October 05, 2019

Have You Received Robocalls?

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Are you wondering why you receive so many robocalls? Although there may be some valid reasons, despite requesting to be taken off of a call list, it’s possible that they will ignore your request keep calling. In the past, it was not uncommon for people with landlines to receive calls from telemarketers; however, now that a number of people do not even have landlines, telemarketing companies have begun to contact cell phones instead. There are a number of reasons people may be receiving these calls, but is it possible to put a stop to them? Contacting an attorney, like a robocalling lawyer, may provide clear guidance when determining the best course of action to silence the calls.

You Answered the Call

These types of calls can be tricky to navigate. Not all incoming calls are easy to identify as they do not all come from unknown or blocked numbers. Some of these calls may show a local phone number, tricking a person into thinking that the incoming call is someone that they know. As a result, a person not only confirms that their number is a live one, but answering may encourage calls to become more aggressive, despite your requests to stop them. 

You Provided Your Information to a Robocaller

Robocallers are savvy. If you answered a call and gave personal information to them, it may result in more calls. Not only will these companies have your personal information now, but they will also know that your phone number is working one and how to contact you. 

Can Robocalls be Stopped?

Robocalls often target a mass amount of recipients through random automated dialing systems. These calls are almost always unwanted — many are actually illegal. Is it possible to put a stop to such calls? According to NBC news, nearly 30 billion Americans fell victim to robocalls. Many of these calls were made illegally. The following tips may help you stop receiving robocalls:

  • Do not answer calls from unknown numbers.
  • Robocalls have become savvier by contacting you from local numbers. If this occurs, once you realize the call is not a real one, hang up immediately. 
  • Do not provide any personal information.
  • Check with your carrier to learn if there are any apps or blocking devices available to you. 
  • Contact an attorney to learn if you have a case for legal action against robocallers.

One common mistake people stand to make is answering robocalls and speaking with a representative. Although they should remove you from their list if you ask them to, it is highly unlikely that they will. Answering a robocall confirms with telemarketers that the number they have dialed is a valid one. 

Have you ever made a mad dash for an incoming phone call only to find that the person on the other end is a telemarketer trying to sell you something? Have you asked the callers to stop, only for the calls to continue? Robocalling can be annoying. Receiving incessant calls that are unwanted can leave a person wondering if there is any possible way of stopping the calls. For specific situations, an attorney may not only be able to help you put a stop to the calls, but you may even be entitled to compensation for the maddening phone calls you have been receiving.  

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