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November 11, 2018

Basic Questions And Answers About Workers Compensation Benefits

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Getting a physical injury can often result in more than just a hospital visit and recovery time. You might also be left with many questions. Should I even file a workers’ compensation claim? How do I know if my job has these benefits? Perhaps you think it might in some way impact how you are viewed at the company and you do not want to complain to management. However, this is exactly what workers’ compensation is for. When you are hurt, injured, or made ill on the job, these benefits can help you with medical and other expenses you might incur as a result. For more information and frequently asked questions regarding workers’ compensation benefits, read on.

Can Workers’ Compensation Help Me If I Get Injured Or Have an Illness That Is Not Directly From an Accident?

The short answer is ‘yes’. Workers’ compensation benefits are not strictly for those who were involved in an accident (like a slip-and-fall). In many cases, you can get ill after repeated exposure to toxins or chemicals at work. For example, if you work in a car shop and are exposed to high amounts of car exhaust, you might suffer from lung and breathing problems. Likewise, if you do repetitive motions every day at work, you could develop carpal tunnel syndrome, often seen in people who work at computers are work in factories. These are all reasons to file a claim for workers’ compensation.

Is It Possible To Receive Benefits If I Caused the Accident?

Workers’ compensation benefits are not only for those who are the victims of accidents but can also be applied to people who caused an accident as well. With that said, there are certainly instances where an employee might not receive benefits. For example, if a worker was injured while under the influence of drugs or alcohol at work, or if the injuries they sustained were self-inflicted, they will likely not receive benefits.

Can I Go Back To My Job?

This is a complicated question. If you were injured on the job, your employer cannot fire you after seeking benefits and getting medical treatment. If you have been cleared by your doctor and can perform the same tasks, your employer should give you a position at your old place of work. That said, if they hired someone in the interim to take your place, that person does not have to be fired. You may end up going back to work in a different capacity.

Who Can You Seek Medical Treatment From?

First and foremost, if you have been severely injured on the job, seek medical treatment from your doctor immediately. Your safety is of the utmost importance. That said, your employer’s insurance policy for workers’ compensation might have a requirement to see a specific doctor. If this is the case, it is best to follow policy and see if you can later change your doctor to one you are familiar with if that is your preference.

What Other Steps Can I Take?

Although not always necessary, it can really benefit you to discuss your case with an attorney when making a claim or fighting for compensation. Call a workers compensation lawyer Wytheville, VA trusts today if you have any further questions regarding workers’ compensation benefits or would like to set up an appointment.

Thank you to our friends and contributors at The Law Offices of Mark T. Hurt for their insight into workers comp benefits.

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